I’m very excited to share that industry analyst firm IDC has recognized Dell as the No. 1 storage vendor in total terabytes sold (internal and external) for the first half of 2014*. This is an increasingly important designation as we continue to see the lines blur between servers and storage due to the emergence of converged infrastructure and software defined storage. Dell was also the No. 1 provider of external DAS storage in terms of revenue during the first half of 2014 and the No. 1 iSCSI-attached external storage vendor in revenue, a spot we’ve held for 25 of the last 26 quarters!

In addition, recently we were voted as the overall 2014 Market Leader in All Flash iSCSI SSD by our storage users in a survey conducted by the research firm, IT Brand Pulse. We swept the No.1 spot across all sub-categories, beating out competitors EMC, NetApp, HP and others. Customers also recognized Dell’s efforts to offer the best price for performance in the industry, as we were selected as the overall Price Leader for hybrid SSD/HDD environments and for All-Flash Fibre Channel arrays, iSCSI arrays, NAS and flash management software.

These acknowledgments further demonstrate that our investments in Dell technology, designed to help you improve the simplicity and costs of managing data and IT, are paying off. We continue to bring innovative, enterprise-class storage capabilities, previously only available at the high-end, to the mid-market, enabling customers of all sizes to benefit from lower costs and a simpler way to manage their ever-growing data sets.

Recently, we started shipping the Dell Storage SC4020, which is a game changer both for customers and for Dell. Designed to meet the space and budget requirements of both smaller standalone SANs and satellite deployments within a distributed infrastructure, the SC4020 already is getting validated as truly best in class by our customers. According to a report by the analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group, the TCO for SC4020 is 43% to 54% lower than its competitors. On the other side of our SAN portfolio, Dell Storage PS Series (EqualLogic) now has topped more than 65,000 customer sites and more than 150,000 total arrays sold, doubling our total PS Series arrays sold within roughly two years.

This latest ranking and rapid increase in our customer base demonstrate Dell’s ability to successfully offer customers both traditional external arrays and, as storage continues to move closer to the compute node, internal storage with our server business. With our 13G PowerEdge server launch this month, we add even further storage benefits to our portfolio, delivering customers new levels of performance, better economics and tremendous flexibility. These new servers are designed are built on flexible platforms and innovative architectures that enable customers to tailor systems to meet their unique application and workload requirements, as well as accelerate application performance by as much as 50 percent.

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN, which began shipping this year, places Dell PCI Express Flash drives for low-latency data caching inside the server and allows for intelligent data placement for the server to Dell Storage SC Series (Compellent) SANs, offering a single infrastructure for both high and low end storage demands for optimal price for performance. This type of innovative technology offers an excellent server and storage solution for applications requiring fast access to data and applications, such as virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), online transaction processing (OLTP) and business critical data warehousing.

As part of our 13G PowerEdge launch, we also released the Dell Storage MD1400 and MD1420 12Gbps JBODs for storage expansion for 13G servers. These products are designed to provide seamless server storage expansion for 12Gb/s SAS environments. This is becoming increasingly important as the IT industry evolves into one that appreciates a solutions approach to data center needs and is a great example of our end-to-end offerings! 

A further example of server and storage lines blurring, Dell has upped the ante for workload-specific and converged appliances this year, as well. New Dell appliances, such as the Dell Integrated Systems for Oracle 12c Database and Dell In-Memory Appliances for Cloudera Enterprise, are designed to offer customers with pre-built and pre-integrated server and storage appliances to support some of the most widely deployed applications and workloads in enterprises today. Also, under “Project Blue Thunder,” we have built the industry’s broadest portfolio of software-defined storage (SDS) offerings, leveraging our world class server portfolio. Through our various industry partnerships, we are bringing several new SDS solutions to market, such as the Dell XC Series of Web-Scale Converged Appliances, which combines server, storage and networking into a single solution that’s optimized for application performance for customers seeking an integrated IT approach with simple deployment, management, scale and full-featured SAN technology.

Dell has truly stepped up its game in 2014. These achievements serve as the latest example of our commitment to serving our customers with thoughtful solutions while maintaining innovative leadership in the industry. We’ve started off the year on the right foot, and we will continue to drive innovation into our roadmaps and announce new solutions driven by customer priorities. Customers of all sizes are seeking the best way to manage it efficiently and cost effectively amidst complex IT environments and options. We’ll continue to focus on just that in a holistic way, improving simplicity and lowering costs of managing data and IT. Thanks to our customer and partners for making this happen!

We hope to continue this conversation with you at Dell World 2014. In the meantime, follow us @Dell_Storage on Twitter to stay current on our latest offerings.

* Based on IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker Q2 2014