According to the Future-Ready IT survey recently commissioned by Dell and Intel, IT decision-makers cite 6-to-1 that reducing operational complexities in data centers is a top priority. In the Dell PowerEdge 13th Generation servers, we are excited to offer new additions that will allow customers to meet unique application and workload requirements as they bridge between traditional and new IT models. Along with these additions, the systems management innovations represent a real evolution for the customer.

In our research and in talking with customers we found that 60% of IT managers are managing their servers at the box. To address that for this new generation of servers, we focused heavily on features that simplify and streamline those processes for our customers. Here are just a few highlights on how we have achieved that in this generation:

iDRAC Quick Sync

We are excited to introduce our iDRAC Quick Sync technology, which allows users to take care of some basic management of their PowerEdge servers with a near-field communication (NFC) device, such as a smart phone or tablet. Users can set their IP address, boot devices, and even pull off inventory information and health reports while at the box.

iDRAC Direct

We have also added in the ability via iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller to perform system management tasks from the USB port that is in the front of the server. Customers can load a configuration file on a USB port, iDRAC with LC will detect that a USB key has been plugged in, will pull the configuration information off, and will configure the system quickly, simply, and error-free. Additionally, you can ditch the crash cart and use your tablet or laptop to plug directly into the USB port in the front of the system and launch into iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller.

Rack, Stack, and Relax

We know from customers that automation of tasks is a key priority. With Zero Touch Automation, users can “rack, stack and relax.” After racking and cabling the system, iDRAC will be able to retrieve a system configuration file for that system. That config file could be associated with any type of workload, passed down in the configuration profile. The efficiency gains with this kind of automation tool are phenomenal. One customer noted that it took over 60 hours to deploy 30 systems manually. With Zero Touch Automation, that same customer was able to cut that deployment down from 60 hours to 30 minutes, freeing up their time for more important tasks.

Agent Free

In our last generation we focused on health monitoring of all the components in the system. In 13G, we are adding performance monitoring as well. Working closely with Intel, we have developed technology that allows you to look at various components like the CPU and the memory architecture in order to access performance data through iDRAC.

We look forward to hearing more about how you are using PowerEdge systems management to simplify your IT operations and free up time for more important tasks. If you have any ideas on how we can make this experience even better for you please let us know on Twitter, visit a Dell Solutions Center, or come see us at Dell World this fall.