Rounding out a number of new innovative solutions to Dell’s industry-leading Cloud client-computing portfolio announced during VMworld, today Dell announced a range of new, highly customizable end-to-end reference architectures (RAs).  From the inclusion of VMware’s Virtual SAN into our Dell Wyse Datacenter for VMware Horizon View solution to the expansion of use cases and inclusion of 3D graphics and Dell Managed VDI Services in the Dell Wyse Datacenter for VMware Horizon DaaS solution.

Dell Wyse Datacenter RAs are unique to other publications. Our Dell Wyse Engineers work hand in hand with VMware throughout the product development and testing phase and go well above and beyond the normal work necessary to produce an RA.  Additional testing, validation, performance analytics, sizing and scalability information is also certified, documented and published.  The RAs provide accurate guidance so that our customers can use this as a tool to update their infrastructure and environment with confidence.

VMware’s Virtual SAN is a new solution for customers requiring additional storage but have concerns about additional IT and hardware costs with enterprise class SAN solutions.  The Wyse Datacenter Engineering team worked with VMware extensively to test and validate the product to develop the best configuration for optimal performance, capacity and performance.  Some of the additional features that differentiate this solution include:

  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from 10% to 40% per seat depending on the configuration, IOPs and density requirements. For customers who are implementing a new environment or that do not need some features that are a component of enterprise SAN, Virtual SAN is cost effective, does not require additional management consoles or staffing, and can be incorporated into existing environments. Plus Virtual SAN licensing is included in the VMware Horizon Advanced and Enterprise Suite editions.
  • Wyse Datacenter for Horizon View with Virtual SAN provides guidance on scalability with fixed costs.  Customers have specific guidance on user density scalability for a fixed cost per approximately 100 user increments.
  • Performance is comparable to traditional SAN environments.  With the additional performance benchmarking, documented analytic results are confidently published. The Wyse Datacenter for Virtual SAN white paper provides exact guidance on how to deploy and configure Virtual SAN solutions that allow for the best performance and sizing capabilities based on defined storage policy.

The next end-to-end solution that is available with significant adjustments to meet the needs of our customers is the Wyse Datacenter for Horizon DaaS RA.  The initial offering for this solution was specific to service providers wanting to implement the infrastructure to deploy a Horizon DaaS environment for their customers.  Now this solution has been modified and geared towards enterprises, corporations, healthcare systems and university or educational organizations.  Specifically, the RA now contains guidance for the following:

  • Wyse Datacenter for Horizon DaaS now includes guidance on deployments in a completely private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid of those two environments. The end-to-end management and monitoring is still intact and this is the only offering of its kind that provides complete management capabilities.
  • Now not only are there multiple physical implementation options, but Dell Managed VDI Services can manage any of these remotely and securely. Organizations can now opt to reallocate IT resources where necessary, confident that their DaaS environment is completely managed.
  • The inclusion of 3D graphics and graphic intensive workloads are available in a Horizon DaaS environment.
  • Finally, Wyse Datacenter for Horizon View is furthering development of graphic intensive workload guidance enabling new industries and workers to benefit from virtualized 3D graphics like healthcare, manufacturing, education and many others. 

Dell is also announcing updates to their industry-leading Dell Wyse Datacenter for Virtualized Workstations. An ISV certified end-to-end reference architecture that helps customers simplify and speed the deployment of high-performance, reliable and secure desktop virtualization running graphic and data-intensive workloads. Dell designed Wyse Datacenter for Virtual Workstations for:

  • Secure, reliable access to data and applications
  • High performance to meet the needs of graphically intensive and high demand workloads
  • Greater workforce productivity and IT efficiency

Dell Wyse Datacenter for Virtualized Workstations software solutions that are currently certified on VMware include:

  • Siemens certification completion for Wyse Datacenter for Horizon View solutions
  • PTC certification completion for Wyse Datacenter for Horizon View solutions

The new additions to the Dell Wyse Cloud Client-Computing portfolio are design to serve a whole range of use-cases and organizational scenarios with the comfort of knowing Dell’s leading strategic planning, engineering and marketing teams are there to simplify the design and implementation process with expert guidance and certified architectures that can be tested and verified to meet the specific need of customers.