Our customers are asking for a solution to cost-effectively respond to business needs rapidly and reliably. And a scalable database solution is often the key to success. But to date, many databases have been too complex and costly to deploy, manage and scale as data demands grow. So, Dell and Fusion-IO have teamed together on an appliance to simplify and accelerate Oracle 12c database environments.

The first Dell Acceleration Appliances for Databases are pre-built using Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell Storage and Dell Networking, with application acceleration technology from Fusion-IO to improve Oracle 12c database performance. This pre-integrated solution simplifies database environments, helping midsize customers take advantage of Oracle 12c, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM Manager to scale their databases as data demands grow. The key is being able to scale from a small one- node processor to a two-node processor and then to a multiprocessor. By using Oracle VM Manager, this new appliance can manage the number of cores to the specific needs of any customer.

Dell has been working with Oracle and Fusion-IO to ensure that we are bringing the best value to our customers. This appliance coupled with our Fluid Cache for SAN will enable customer performance that is unmatched in the industry.

Under the Hood

The full rack, 16U hardware solution not only reduces hardware sprawl and power consumption by achieving higher performance in a smaller footprint, but also reduces cost. Initially utilizing four ION Data Accelerators, two Mellanox SX6036 switches and four Oracle RAC database nodes, our Oracle 12c solution allows customers to scale without service interruptions. It delivers 40GB of bandwidth and 2.5 million IOPS at 8KBblock size through Mellanox 56GB InfiniBand ConnectX-3 VPI adapters. ION Data Accelerator and Fusion's ioDrive2 Duo's provide 19.2TB of usable storage. The solution uses 64 cores, four database servers, four  storage servers, 38.4TB mirrored data file storage, and 2.5 million IOPS read only.