How often do you hear about new, game-changing products that are going to make life simple and easy for customers with the promise of changing their life as they know it?

 While I’d like to believe these promises, let’s get real. Customers want products that help them solve their problems, not change their life.

Here’s what we heard from our customers

Our customers wanted to know how they could get better configuration options for the best workload fit. They were concerned about how their resource-intensive workloads slowed down performance.  There were many discussions on how to get more out of the same amount of space. Here’s a sample of what we heard:

  • “I want to run at higher operational temps to save on facility level Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).”
  • “I need to be able to repurpose hardware quickly as my workloads change.”
  • “I need configuration, PCIe expansion and storage options for a variety of workloads.”
  •  “I need to manage workload and applications at peak efficiencies.”

Here’s how we changed the game

The PowerEdge C8000 is the first and only server platform that enables mix and match of the latest servers, storage and GPUs in the same 4U shared infrastructure chassis. You can pack up to eight single-wide sleds, four double-wide sleds, or a variety of combinations for the best workload fit. You can also easily handle multiple workloads in the same chassis. Applications quickly get the resources they need to speed time to results, while you save on space, time and refresh rates.

  • The PowerEdge C8220 Compute Sled contains the cores, memory & I/O expansion needed for peak workload performance.
  • The PowerEdge C8220x Compute/GPU Sled delivers the memory density, I/O capacity and GPU expansion needed for parallel processing at faster speeds.
  • The PowerEdge C8000XD Storage Sled provides flexible, high-density local storage.

Check out my overview video on the PowerEdge C8000 series: