The release of Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 means great things for our customers


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The release of Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 means great things for our customers

What’s so special about the release of Citrix XenDesktop 5.5? Well, there is plenty to be excited about. For example, the new Personal vDisk technology in XenDesktop 5.5 makes it much easier for customers to deploy highly personalized virtual desktops to any user more efficiently. The enterprise wins and the end users win. Also, with XenDesktop 5.5 users can have apps with rich voice, video and multimedia with support to more than one billion end user devices, that’s right, take your pick on a device (smart phone, tablet) and your desktop will be delivered to you.

Why is Dell so enthusiastically welcoming this new technology? Since we are big on customer experience, with this release the user experience will be enhanced, it will be better. By choosing to integrate XenDesktop 5.5 technology in Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DDVS), we have aligned ourselves with a leading innovator in desktop virtualization allowing us to offer our customers the best possible user experience.  The improvements to application accessibility, particularly across WANs, as well as an advanced personal desktop experience, represent an important evolution in end-user productivity and flexibility.

Congratulations Citrix for continuing to push the envelope on what is possible with desktop virtualization. We are excited by the possibilities that will transpire for Dell’s Desktop Virtualization Solutions!

  • This is great news! I was already impressed with the features and functionality of the previous XenDesktop - really looking forward to seeing v5.5 implemented as part of DDVS and seeing the benefits of the RingCube vDisk integration for enhanced personalization as well as the richer voice and video as part of their 150 new adds to the HDX technology!

    Congrats on your latest innovations to your flagship product, Citrix - it's great to have you as a partner!