The Dell Precision M4500 is Now Available on

The Dell Precision M4500 is Now Available on


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The Dell Precision M4500 is Now Available on

Hey creative professionals, designers, animators, engineers and research scientists! You may have seen it on places like Engadget, but world's most powerful 15.6'' mobile workstation, the Dell Precision M4500, has arrived! As you might recall, I blogged about the M4500 earlier this month when we announced it at GDC in San Francisco. Since the announcement, we have received some very positive feedback from our customers, partners and media. Some of my favorite quotes include:

  • "For those who prefer their performance in 15.6 inches, the company has unveiled the 'M4500' the little brother of the M6500 though in almost every sense its equal." - Trusted Reviews (UK)
  • "Remember the hardcore guts of the Dell M6500 workstation? The M4500 is just like that, except at 15.6-inches you've actually got a shot at carrying it around in comfort. It's also the most powerful of workstation of its size." - Gizmodo
  • "...But taken solo, this really is a pretty amazing machine. Currently, the Precision M4500 is the only mobile workstation equipped with Intel'sCorei7-920XM Extreme Edition CPU and NVIDIA's Quadro FX 1800M GPU; it's also the first of its kind to offer optional SSD MiniCard for a serious boost in performance. The machine is designed for creative professionals, designers, engineers and researchers, but honestly, even gamers could use this on their off-hours in order to catch a raid of two in World of Warcraft." - Hot Hardware

This powerful little machine is now available for purchase on with a starting price of $1549, which includes Intel Core i5-520M dual core processor, nVidia Quadro FX 880M with 1GB discrete memory, 250GB 7200RPM HDD, HD (1366x768) WLED LCD panel and 2GB of system memory. We are also excited to report that the M4500 will soon be certified to run many of Autodesk's new 2011 software products announced recently including 3DS Max, Maya, Inventor, AutoCAD, Softimage and others!  I'm super excited about this powerful new mobile machine and look to forward your feedback, questions and comments!  

  • I must admit that after several months of wating for the M4500 I've very disappointed with the specs. My main areas of disappointment are:

    1) Lack of USB 3.0 support

    2) Only support a maximum of 8Gb of RAM as opposed to the 16Gb that have been advertised in several press releases.

    3) Lack of support for WUXGA wich was supported by the previous versions of this model  ( very disappointing on a machine targeting CAD users)

    4) Wifi support is sold as an extra and not provided by default (who would want to buy a laptop without wifi?).

    Can you please let me know if Dell will be addressing any of these issues in an upgrade?