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Signing off, it was truly a great ride

  • Best of luck my friend. Mail me and let us know where you turn up.

  • Mark, great working with you.  Good luck with everything !

    - Scott

  • Wow, sounds like a major change for you, Marc!  I know we'll meet again!

    But let's take a second and reflect on the truly awesome job you did at EqualLogic and Dell.  The success of this blog has been astounding, going 0 to 60 truly at Ferrari speed!  Although I always wince at the in-car shots (don't kill someone!) I appreciate their originality!

    Nice work, Marc, and nice work, Dell for having him!

  • First of all Mark, I have to say, the way you kept your cool as you rolled the car through a complete 360 barrel roll was really impressive , or is that a problem with steering wheel mounted cameras ;-)


    Anyway, best of luck.

  • Best of luck, Marc, in whatever new adventure awaits you.  I'm sure we'll meet again in the blogosphere!

  • Marc, best wishes wherever you end up. Drop us all a line when the dust settles.


  • Best of luck, Marc

    We shall miss your blogging.

    But i hope to see your new blogging soon.

    Good luck with your new job


  • It was great working with you at EqualLogic and exciting to see the evangelism you provided to the Dell community.

    I wish you continued success as you travel to the next adventure!


  • Marc,

    As usual,  you nailed it with your blog.....thanks for your passion, vision and humor which made the ride on our EL "rocketship" a lot of fun for employees, customers and partners....

    All the best to you and your family..... 


  • Mark, great working with you.  I'll be watching for you...let's do some more stuff together from your new vantage point.

  • Marc - I look forward to catching up.  I am sure whatever you do next will be very interesting.  One thing someone told me not too long ago - listen to your own advice. 


  • Marc,

    Good luck on your new adventure!

    -- Tony

  • I really liked your style, respected your knowledge, and laughed at every dashboard video.  See you in your next life - it was fun working with you.


  • Marc,

    Thanks for work at EqualLogic and thanks for making a small shop like me feel just as important as a big IT shop with lots of arrays :-)

    Look forward to seeing where you end up next.

    Jason Powell