Thirty years ago, Michael Dell, a freshman at the University of Texas, founded a new computer company called PC’s Limited. He had an idea that would disrupt the industry, changing the way technology was manufactured and sold. Michael left school at the end of his freshman year to devote all his time to growing the business.

Four years later, Dell completed its initial public offering, raising $30 million and increasing market capitalization from $1,000 to $85 million. It was a full-fledged Fortune 500 company by 1992.

In 2013, ranking 51 in the Fortune 500 and six months shy of its 30th anniversary, Dell returned to its entrepreneurial roots by becoming a private company once again under the leadership of Michael Dell.

Below are a few milestones along our 30-year journey...

  • In 1985, we designed and built our first desktop, the Turbo PC. That same year, we set the standard for IT support by offering next-day, at-home product assistance.
  • In 1987, Dell opened its first international subsidiary in the United Kingdom. Today we meet the IT needs of customers in 180 countries around the world.

  • In 1994, Dell entered the enterprise market with the introduction of the Dell PowerEdge server line.

  • In 2001, it's a year of firsts as Dell becomes the No. 1 computer systems provider worldwide, and reaches No. 1 in U.S. Intel-based server shipments.

  • In 2010, Dell acquires key IP in storage, systems management, cloud computing and software.

  • In 2013, Dell fought off several corporate takeover attempts and became a private company again with Michael Dell at the helm.

Today, we are accelerating our strategy to become the leader in end-to-end, scalable IT solutions. We intend to do for enterprise-class technology what we did for the PC—make them more accessible, more affordable and more powerful for people and organizations everywhere.

We are making history again! Thank you for being part of our story.