Today we announced the acquisition of StatSoft, a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions that deliver a wide range of data mining, predictive analytics and data visualization capabilities.

StatSoft combines comprehensive statistical analysis with advanced analytics to help organizations better understand their businesses, predict change, increase agility and control critical systems. With StatSoft’s advanced analytics tools, organizations can identify new customers and sales opportunities, forecast industry shifts, explore “what-if” scenarios, and reduce the occurrence of fraud and other business risks.  

The acquisition of StatSoft bolsters our growing software portfolio of information management solutions, while further enhancing our open approach to data management. StatSoft adds advanced analytics to a robust set of software capabilities that includes database management and optimization, application and data integration, and big data analytics, all underpinned by our numerous software, storage, server and services offerings and industry relationships.  

This is well aligned with our acquisition strategy of finding leading technologies and resources that we can easily integrate to further enhance our capabilities to be the leading provider of end-to-end scalable solutions.

We are not disclosing the terms of this transaction

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