Last week Dell hosted the third annual Dell@Retail event on March 3rd and 4th at the Moody Theatre in Downtown Austin, with Intel serving as our sponsor.  350 attendees, including 100 customers from North America and LATAM were in attendance to help make this year’s event a success, while showcasing our full product lineup for back-to-school.  Also available was a sneak peak at the upcoming holiday lineup, systems and full ecosystem products.

A major focus of the event was Dell’s Windows and Android tablet portfolio along with its entire client portfolio of desktop, mobility and industry-leading, high-resolution displays.  High praise was given to the products from the attendees interacting with them.  Dell specialists were there to provide insight and walk individuals through the features for products that are available currently, as well as those that have upcoming releases.  Intel representatives were also on hand showcasing their latest processors' capabilities paired with Dell’s portfolio of client products. 

Also attending were a few famous faces, including Bravo TV’s Chef Roble and LA’s DJ Morgan Page who utilized Dell products while displaying their own impressive talents

We are extremely excited about our product portfolio.  Investments in end user computing continue to be a priority for us as we continue to serve our customers and provide them with industry-leading end-to-end scalable solutions.

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