Karina and I recently came back from a productive few days at CES in Las Vegas. As is always the case, while the number of people, logistics and information overload can be intimidating we managed to navigate all of these effectively and had some very good conversations with both large and small groups of investors and analysts. We were fortunate to have our Vice Chairman and President of Global Operations and End User Computing (EUC), Jeff Clarke, join us for a fireside chat at the JP Morgan Tech Forum and participate in some smaller discussions with the financial community. Jeff clearly articulated the continued progress we are making in delivering differentiated EUC solutions to our customers that are more efficiently procured, sold and delivered.   We are already seeing the benefits in terms of customer feedback and the early stages of cost savings that will accelerate throughout the next couple of years. While the overall EUC market trajectory is improving, it’s certainly still a challenged market that is highly competitive. We were pleased to see that based on the preliminary market share data for Q4; customers are continuing to see the benefits of our solutions in this space. In some of the other meetings we were joined by other key Dell Executives in the EUC space. They focused on some of the new tablet based solutions, our go-to-market approach, and how the evolving state of desktops and notebooks is benefitting us as we continue to enhance our offerings through enhanced features like robust security and mobility management tools. These conversations were complemented by the launch of a couple of exciting solutions that were launched at the event. The first was the introduction of our Aleinware Steam solution which creates a new and compelling form factor for gamers. The second was the announcement of the very attractive price point of $699 for our Ultra HD “4K” 28 inch monitor. Both solutions were included in the Dell Suite at CES and generated good crowds.

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