Yesterday at Dell’s “The Power to Do More—Accelerating Results” event held in San Francisco,  John Swainson, President Dell Software, discussed Dell’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy and family of solutions designed to address a wide range of customer enablement strategies.  Take a look at Tom Kendra’s Direct2Dell post to see the webcast. By 2016, Forrester estimates 350 million employees will use smartphones on the job – 200 million will bring their own.  With the potential to increase workforce productivity by as much as 240 hours per year for each mobile employee, this is a trend companies can’t ignore.  But first, they have to address three of the biggest challenges currently inhibiting adoption - BYOD security, application modernization, and management.

Using a combination of Dell devices, software, and professional services, Dell solutions enable tablets and smartphones to effectively integrate into the work environment to increase employee productivity while reducing business risk.  These solutions accommodate Corporate Owned, Choose Your Own, and Bring Your Own Device management strategies while providing flexibility to interoperate with existing and even heterogeneous infrastructure and business applications.

Dell’s BYOD solutions are differentiated based on the following Dell technologies:

  • Dell’s tablets, Ultrabooks, and laptops – designed to be managed in an enterprise environment, unlike some competitive devices that are designed specifically for consumer use.

  • KACE appliances (on-premise) or Wyse Cloud Client Manager (SaaS) – Manage mobile OS environments.  Both solutions enable device management from a single, central console.

  • Wyse PocketCloud – IT administrators can use an intelligent, cloud-based console to securely manage corporate access to any device, whether the device is owned by the company or individual.

  • Dell Desktop Virtualization (DVS) – Enable any user, anywhere, to connect to any content.

  • Dell SonicWALL – Combine firewall protection with user policy control to provide remote access, including backup and recovery.

  • Dell Quest – Secure identity and access management.

  • Dell Data Protection | Encryption – Deploy encryption across the organization (network and external media).

  • Dell Services – Automate daily tasks in every phase of the solution lifecycle.

As an end-to-end mobile solutions provider, Dell is able to uniquely address the security, application modernization, and management challenges impacting customers’ ability to effectively plan, deploy, and manage BYOD solutions. 

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