A shift in direction:  “Putting technology to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet”, that is our new corporate responsibility commitment.

As we have stated in our 2012 CR report, many of our goals have a target completion date at the end of this year.

If you attended our Financial Analyst Day, listened to our earnings calls or followed us in the press, you’ll know about our transformation from a PC company to a complete solutions provider.   An important component of this transformation over the past few years has been acquiring key intellectual property and capabilities as we have made 18 acquisitions in the past three years. With our drive to acquiring key IP and capabilities, deliver solutions that customers value and a focus on the future, it was the appropriate time in our evolution to set longer term goals for our corporate responsibility initiatives.

The dialog started with a candid discussion at the Ceres Conference in Q2 of this year, where we discussed what leadership in sustainability would look like in 2020.  We had socially responsible investors, customers and NGO’s respond to this question and from that information we started the process of setting our 2020 goals. Internally we mined and analyzed customer data, reviewed rating companies sustainability criteria for trends, and looked at our competition. We hired a third party to help us benchmark our peers and best-in-class companies.  Seeing the forward–looking 2020 goals of great companies across multiple industries was a way to start our own internal innovation on what we wanted to accomplish in the next 8 years.

Stakeholder engagement is a key part of our business model.  We have a diverse set of stakeholders including customers, SRI’s, NGO’s, rating companies, our employees and the planet.  We first collaborated with key business units internally, sharing the feedback we received from external stakeholders,  and discussed where they were headed when it came to sustainability and how they were looking out to 2020.  We wanted our new strategy to also include the impact to those who rely on Dell products to solve their own sustainability challenges. Through many months of working together, our strategy and objectives became clear.  We took the first draft of our 2020 plan to SRI’s in London, to customers, rating companies and NGO’s in Berlin and finally, with the input of key stakeholders, to our top executives for conceptual approval in September.   Our Executive Leadership Team approved the plan and supported the next step of taking it to customers in a more complete form which was done this month.

The path forward: Through this process we have modified our strategy, fine-tuned our goals and expanded our thinking.  We now have the framework for a customer centric strategy that will carry us into 2020.  We would like to thank you for your candid input, your willingness to engage and your support of our long-term thinking.  Our final approval is expected in February 2013. We would challenge you to look for ways we can put Dell technology to work where it can make the greatest impact and to follow our progress in the 2013 CR report.