Last Friday, we announced the appointment of three new Board members, effective immediately. The new members are: Janet Clark of Marathon Oil Corporation; Laura Conigliaro, retired partner at Goldman Sachs; and Ken Duberstein from The Duberstein Group. This brings the size of the Board up to a total of thirteen members.

In its search for new members, the Board is focused on the goal of adding independent directors with broad expertise & diverse backgrounds.  Specific qualities the Board has been focused on are expertise relating to financial experience, technology services, international business experience and mergers and acquisitions. The Board believes these areas are important as Dell continues to expand as a technology solutions company.  The addition of the three new Board members reflects that belief and demonstrates our commitment to stockholders.

Janet Clark, who serves as executive vice president, treasurer and CFO at Marathon Oil, will join the Board’s audit committee.  Laura Conigliaro, recently retired partner at Goldman Sachs, will join the Board’s finance committee.  Finally, Ken Duberstein, chairman and CEO of The Duberstein Group, will serve on the Board’s governance and nominating committee. 

For more details on the backgrounds of our new Board members, please refer to the director bio section of our website.

As always, we welcome your feedback.