Over the past couple of years we have been talking about Dell’s strategy with an emphasis on our solutions capabilities.  A key driver of solutions growth is understanding customer needs and addressing them with vertical specific solutions.  Today we want to highlight some of these solutions, with a focus on our education solutions.  

Our Connected Classroom solution helps to migrate traditional education into more of an interactive learning experience that addresses key teacher needs.  This solution offering includes a Latitude Netbook with features such as a network activity light that allows teachers to see when a student is browsing the internet rather than following the lesson plan, antimicrobial protection, and a ruggedized design.  Our ability to efficiently address this market need with a bundled solution that can be easily customized based on more specific requirements has proven very effective. 

Dell’s Virtual Lab solution in Higher Education takes the guesswork out of desktop virtualization implementations by offering tested and validated configurable integrated solution stacks.  It can be hosted in our customer’s data center or ours.  Virtual Labs reduces IT management time significantly by providing simplified imaging and patching, less client hardware for break-fix, and more security.  At the same time it allows students to access lab applications from their own PC’s, no matter what PC they have and even if they are off campus.  Our differentiated approach customizes the solution to work with our customer’s current infrastructure and avoids vendor lock-in. 

High Performance Computing (HPC) is another solution that continues to play prominently in the Higher Education space.  Dell tests and integrates complete HPC solutions that can be replicated and employed as world-class cluster architectures.  The solutions are designed for scalability, using standards-based components to keep barriers to change low.  The open Dell strategy in High Performance Computing reduces the prospect of vendor lock-in and high software costs by enabling customers to choose from a wide array of free, open-source or paid-for commercial software.   

Our ability to address specific market needs with bundled solutions that can be easily customized based on more specific customer requirements has proven very effective.  We will continue to evolve our vertical solutions and expertise based on the direct feedback we continue to receive from our customers.

As always we look forward to your comments.