We recently filed our 2011 Proxy Statement, with the Stockholder Meeting set for July 15 at our Round Rock, Texas headquarters. Once again, we will simultaneously conduct the meeting virtually so that stockholders who are unable to make the drive to Round Rock can still participate and vote online live during the meeting. This allowed for broader participation last year and we are excited to be able to offer the same opportunity again. This year stockholders are being asked to vote on a total of seven proposals.

There are four management proposals on the ballot, including:

  • Election of Directors
  • Ratification of Independent Auditor
  • Advisory Vote on Named Executive Officer Compensation (Say on Pay)
  • Advisory Vote on Frequency of Holding Future Advisory Votes on Named Executive Officer Compensation (Say When on Pay)

In addition, there are four stockholder proposals, including:

  • Independent Chairman
  • Stockholder Action by Written Consent
  • Declaration of Dividends

We encourage stockholders to read all of the proposals and supporting statements in full, as well as the Board’s statements in support or opposition.

We invite your feedback on our 2011 Proxy Statement, so that we can continue providing our stockholders with the tools and information necessary to make an informed vote. As representatives of Dell’s stockholders, the Board of Directors also welcomes your feedback. To learn more about Dell’s corporate governance framework and how to send communication to the Board, please visit www.dell.com/boardofdirectors.

We look forward to hearing from you.