I am pleased to have Brian Gladden, Senior Vice President and CFO, and Steve Schuckenbrock, President of Dell Services, join us on DellShares to provide their view on the fourth quarter, highlight progress made in executing on our overall strategy, and outlook for fiscal year 2012. 

Dell announced its fourth-quarter fiscal-year 2011 financial results on February 15th.  We reported overall a strong quarter with revenue of $15.7 billion, up 5% year over year and Non-GAAP operating income up 61% year over year, which was 8.2% of revenue.  Non-GAAP EPS was $0.53 per share, up 89% year over year.  In addition, cash flow from operations was a solid $1.5 billion and $4.0 billion for the full year, which is the best fiscal year for cash flow in five years.     

I strongly encourage you to read the full press release and earnings presentation; and listen to our conference call that can be found on the investor relations web site.  

We have attached a transcript for those of you unable to watch the video or just have a preference to read it.


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