On May 27th, we filed our definitive proxy, with the Stockholder Meeting set for Friday, July 16th.  This year's meeting will take place both virtually and onsite at our headquarter facilities in Round Rock, Texas.  We began sending notices to stockholders on Friday, June 4th.  After receiving your notice, you can access the voting page online where you will find the proxy statement, our Form 10-K Annual Report, a link to the 2010 Fiscal Year in Review, and more information on the Annual Meeting.  The electronic process gives you fast, convenient access to proxy materials, reduces the impact on the environment and reduces our printing and mailing costs.

At last year's Annual Meeting, our stockholders voted to eliminate the supermajority vote provisions from the Certificate of Incorporation.  Following the vote, our Directors recognized that eliminating these provisions would increase the Board's accountability to you, our stockholders, and increase your ability to effectively participate in Dell's corporate governance. So, this year's proxy filing includes a company proposal to eliminate the supermajority vote provisions.  There are two additional company proposals: the election of directors and ratification of independent auditor.  Additionally, we have two stockholder proposals on the ballot: reimbursement of proxy expenses and an advisory vote on executive compensation.  We encourage you to review the proxy for details on these proposals, as well as the Board's statements in support or opposition.

If your shares are held through a broker or other nominee, please take note: the SEC has approved a rule which changes the way your vote on election of directors is handled.  Effective January 1, 2010, your broker can no longer vote on your behalf on election of directors, unless you give specific instructions.  For your vote to be counted, you must communicate your voting decision to your broker prior to July 16th, or obtain a legal proxy to vote your shares at the meeting.  You can find more information on your rights as a stockholder by visiting the SEC's website.

As mentioned earlier, this year's meeting will take place virtually as well as onsite.  While we have offered a live webcast of the event in the past, a new feature this year will be your ability to vote online during the meeting.  As a stockholder, use your control number to log on to the meeting, submit questions and vote your shares.  Plan to log on a few minutes prior to 8:00 a.m. CT on July 16th and follow the instructions.  We are excited to offer an opportunity for all of our stockholders to participate in the meeting, regardless of your ability to attend in person. 

Another new feature we have for stockholders this year is an online Shareholder Forum.  By using your control number to log into the forum, you will have the chance to submit questions prior to the meeting and participate in our shareholder survey.  In addition, you can review questions submitted to us by other shareholders.  You will also find links to Dell sites of interest, such as our Corporate Responsibility team, Dell on Facebook, and Dell Community.  This is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow stockholders and learn more about Dell.

Voting your shares is important to ensure your voice in the governance of our company.  Please take time to review the proxy  and exercise your rights as a Dell stockholder. We would also like to see as many stockholders as possible participate in the forum, as well as the virtual meeting.  For these tools to be successful, we need your participation.  Please log on and tell us what you think. This is your opportunity to develop the future of the forum and our annual meetings.  We look forward to hearing from you.