Over the past year, we have discussed some of the changes in our Consumer Segment, including our strategy to expand our product portfolio, as well as expand our retail and global footprint.  Coming off our recent analyst meeting, we thought it would be timely to further delve into the distinctive brands that represent the Consumer product portfolio and its on-going expansion. 

The thought behind our product expansion and new brand architecture was to enhance our efforts to be more precise in targeting specific user needs, preferences and price bands as opposed to our past practice of utilizing only a few platforms to serve a wider array of customer needs.  This allows Dell to offer greater choice and establish clear value propositions for each brand in our direct and retail businesses.  In addition to offering more choice, this expansion supports our growth plans and helps to improve our relative cost position, as systems are designed around specific components and features for a given usage model. 

There are five main brands that comprise the consumer line-up:  Dimension, Inspiron, Studio, Alienware and Adamo.  These brands run the full spectrum of the consumer space from entry level to high performance.  The Dimension represents the "value" space, and provides accessibility to technology and features that enable a price point for the cost sensitive consumer.  The Inspiron brand is more about expression and designed for those who value simplicity and personalization.  The Studio line takes personalization another step with digital customization.  It is aimed at unleashing the multimedia experience with enhanced graphics and audio performance.  For those interested in a premium, luxury experience, we introduced our Adamo line this past spring.  This line places significant emphasis on precision craftsmanship and premium materials that provides an uncompromised, sleek design.  There is one other aspect of the line-up with respect to the XPS moniker, which indicates that a particular model is at the top of that brand in terms of performance and feature sets.

Our last brand in the consumer line-up is Alienware, which is dedicated to gamers.  It is about delivering an immersive gaming experience with best-in-class performance and speed.  Gamers demand and seek out performance innovation, and we are confident that Alienware will continue to be the top destination in their quest. As with XPS moniker, the Alienware brand deploys a similar value proposition with the ALX moniker, which designates a product as the "best of the best" in the Alienware portfolio. 

You should expect Dell to continue to build out each of these brands with additional models as we expand our retail and direct businesses.  Our models have undergone significant style and industrial design changes over the past two years, and we are focused on design leadership going forward.  With this new brand architecture, we have set the foundation to sell more systems into more geographies and outlets.  This sets up our larger goal of becoming more competitive from a cost standpoint as we work to deliver improved profitability and continued growth in the consumer segment.  We believe we are starting to see progress on a number of fronts both in product recognition and in unit sales.  Our consumer products have won over 14 product design awards in the first half of this year.  Ed Boyd and his team, as well as the design team from the commercial side of the business in the last year won more design awards in one year than the previous 24 years combined.  In addition, our consumer segment has posted double-digit percentage unit gains each of the last four quarters, with WW share of 9.3% as of the end of Q1 per IDC.