Today we settled three tranches of debt (see 8k filing) that we issued earlier this week in private placement transactions: $600 million at 4.7% yield due April 15, 2013; $500 million at 5.65% yield due April 15, 2018; and $400 million at 6.5% yield due April 15, 2038. This debt is considered "investment grade" by various rating agencies - for example it is rated A2 - Stable by Moody's.

As we discussed in our FY 2008 10K, filed on March 31, 2008, we use cash generated by operations as our primary source of liquidity and believe this cash is enough to support our business operations.  In FY 2008 we generated $3.9 billion in cash flow from operations, accessed $5.3bn in cash form a subsidiary outside of the United States, spent $4 billion on share repurchase, $2.2 billion on acquisitions and $831million on capital expenditures.  We ended the year with $9.5 billion in cash and investments.

Like many multi-national companies, a substantial amount of our cash balances are held outside of the U.S. and so like other companies we have chosen to access the capital markets to supplement our liquidity in the United States - which means raise debt.   The last time Dell raised long term debt was in 1998. 

We plan to use the funds we raised this week for general corporate purposes - which includes discretionary spending like share repurchase and acquisitions.  Share repurchase remains our primary use of cash.  Dell believes this is good for Dell and for our shareholders because it lowers our weighted average cost of capital enhancing our current capital structure.  

We do plan on exchanging the debt we raised this week for public debt later this year.