Hello from Las Vegas. Like I mentioned in my CES 2011 preview post, Dell held a press conference today the Palms to unveil several new products that focused on three key areas: Mobile Technology, Entertainment and Gaming. Our execs were on hand to discuss trends we’re seeing in our consumer business, what customers are telling us is important to them, and of course, to shed light on some new products from Dell.

No question that people expect the devices they carry with them on the road or through the house to always be connected, and they expect them to be more powerful so they can enjoy a great movie playback experience as as easily as they can send e-mails or tweets. That kind of insight is what’s driving our thinking around all the new products we’re bringing to customers in 2011.

Now, more than ever, people are using all kinds of devices for entertainment: listening to music, sharing photos or watching movies. And while that’s a good thing, it can create problems. How many devices hold pieces of your digital music or photo collection? How about watching a movie on different devices? Today, it’s possible, but in a lot of cases you have to work at it. That’s where Dell’s Stage software comes in. Stage uses a simple tile-based interface that Dell's been shipping on some of our touch-capable products like the Inspiron One, the Inspiron duo and the Dell Streak.

At CES, Michael Tatelman illustrated how we’re soon be including Stage on more of our products, including all the new XPS laptops, the Zino HD and several of the products we're introducing today. That expansion translates into a consistent and intuitive experience across a range of products. But later this year, the real benefit comes from being able to synch photos, video and music across a range of Stage-equipped devices. Also, later this year, we plan to include Intel's Insider application in VideoStage which will allow users to easily purchase SD and HD movies through RoxioNow. The other cool part that's coming is that Dell Stage will enable Dell mobile devices to remotely control devices on the network, so people can access the entertainment and stream it to other Stage-enabled devices like the Zino HD in the living room with a simple flick. I’ll be blogging more about Dell Stage in future Direct2Dell posts.

Speaking of Dell Stage, here's a video that shows off some of what it's capable of: