On the topic of Dell Venue Pro Order Delays

On the topic of Dell Venue Pro Order Delays


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On the topic of Dell Venue Pro Order Delays

We’ve seen conversations today via blogs and Twitter discussing potential shipment delays for the #dellvenuepro. Over the past several days, many of you have asked me, @AmyatDell and @DellCares for an update.

Like I blogged about earlier, Dell is ramping production as fast as we can. We’re continuing to monitor our manufacturing and supplies and will make every effort to align shipments with arrival expectations. At this point, our most important focus is to deliver the right out-of-box experience so customers are happy with their purchase.

It is true we recently experienced a slight delay in shipment times. Those delays will affect some customers shipping dates. We will be following up with many of you directly. The January 6 date that’s being reported could be correct for some but not all, as ship times vary by customer and the date/ time that they placed an order.

Dell is planning more deliveries to customers beginning Friday, and throughout next week, so we expect all back orders to be delivered shortly.

I'll update this post with more information soon.

Update: I'm still working to understand details to clarify shipping schedules. More on that soon. In the meantime, wanted to let folks know that Dell will offer the following for all customers who ordered the Venue Pro on or before December 14:

  • Free overnight shipping upgrade for all orders placed up through yesterday, December 14.
  • A free Plantronics Explorer 240 Bluetooth headset for all customers who ordered the Venue Pro through yesterday, December 14. Dell will ship the headset to the address you used when you ordered the Venue Pro in 4 - 6 weeks.

Update 2:  Here's what I can say re: Dell Venue Pro shipping: all customers who ordered the phone through Tuesday, December 14 or before will receive their phones before Christmas. If you placed an order after December 14, use the Estimated Delivery Date to understand when you will receive it. We are working through the backlog as quick as we can. Since it will take more time to adjust all Estimated Delivery Dates, the actual ship date for customers who ordered after December 14 may be sooner than the currently reported EDD.

Thanks to everyone for their continued patience. We’re doing everything possible to catch up to customer demand for the Venue Pro.


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  • Thank you Lionel for this much needed information. Will customers with delayed shipments be reimbursed for overnight shipping, etc? It seems only fair since customers are themselves not responsible for the delays.

  • I still don't like the word on shipping many who ordered on the 1st such as I are looking at delivery dates of the 5th.  So far I have heard nothing about that changing to fri or next week in my email nor anywhere else.  

  • Thanks Lionel for the update. Fingers crossed on the Friday statement though.

    By the way, atleast keep us informed of any future delays beforehand and not at the last minute.

  • Lionel, thanks; you say you'll be following up with "many of [us] directly."  What does that mean?  So far I've had three e-mails ignored, chatted online with a service rep who didn't know why there was a delay, and talked on the phone last night with a rep who said that he was pretty sure my phone would ship by the 16th at the latest (my original estimated ship date, ordered on the 1st with second-business-day shipping, and the website originally said phones would ship 12/9).  Not even a half day later, I receive an e-mail stating a new estimated ship date of 1/7/11.  Seriously?  As kekado said, if we paid for expedited shipping and Dell failed to deliver, we should get reimbursed for that extra waiting time that, frankly, is your company's fault.  Basically, to reiterate comments posted over and over on several blog posts of yours: why haven't we been kept in the loop?  And right before Christmas, too; some of us bought the phone as a gift for ourselves or others, and now that's gotten screwed up.  

    So, seriously, why the delay?  We won't be angry if you admit some engineering issue in a mass press release; it'd be better than the massive helping of no information we've been offered so far.

  • "Notebookgrail" hit the nail right on the head!  Would you tell your boss that you wouldn't be able to deliver on a task, five minutes before the deadline? I would hope not.  You should be forethcoming right from the start in order manage expectations.  Otherwise, you get a very angry boss!

    Getting an email notification of a 3-week delay at 4am on the day I am expecting delivery is simply unprofessional.

  • I spoke to order support twice today to try and confirm that it was still shipping and after being hung up on a total of 4 times I finally was able to have two separate reps confirm it was shipping today but it didn't and now I read this but Dell hasn't communicated any of this to me directly. Very poor experience which doesn't bode well for the future of Dell in smartphones...

  • Lionel, please communicate as soon as you can to those whose order will be delayed, and not wait till the actual delivery date like has just happened.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous! We ordered our phones without the knowledge that they would ship a month later. I have been out a phone for the last month and these delays has made this very difficult. The customer support Dell has provided is horrible! I have spent over 4 hours on the phone with Dell and have gotten no answers! If Dell expects to have any customers after this disaster, they better learn how to deal with problems like this! Rebates should be given in addition to free overnight shipping. This phone was supposed to come out early November! Since you obviously missed that, maybe telling us when we would get the phone would be nice. Next time just tell me before I order that I won't get the product for a month and I will gladly go buy an HTC phone. I hope you enjoyed my business! But keep in mind, with unexplained mistakes like this, your days are numbered Dell!

  • Thanks Lionel for the explanation.  I would like to confirm with you whether the Dell Venue Pro will come to Asia region or not?  I've been waiting for more than 1 month ever since its launch date in Nov 8.  I can clearly see why those who placed their orders are frustrated at this delay seeing that those of us outside the US is getting a bit impatient as well.

    This phone is really a good phone and to be frank, I have always been a fan of Dell.  So please, make this phone a grand one and let every customers out there be happy by shipping the flawless handset before Christmas.

  • I was home waiting for my inspiron duo to arrive as it was scheduled to arrive on yesterday (12/14/2010). When it didn't arrive I called Dell only to find out the arrival date has been changed, I got no call or email from Dell. After what seemed like an hour on hold and a ton of dropped calls I finally talked with a rep (actually talked to 3 people) the last one was able to remain connected. This laptop I ordered was a Christmas gift for someone. I cancelled he order and went and purchased another laptop. This is he worse service ever from Dell. The phone rebus were useless and uncaring

  • Here is what I am annoyed with, until last night my order summary still said expected delivery 12/15.  I even chatted with a Dell representative who could only tell me, "As the order has not been shipped out yet so I am sure that it will not be delivered tomorrow"  Wow.  This is AFTER the entire web knew of the delays, and Dell could not pass out information to their CS reps on how to handle this.  My expected delivery date did not change until today and there was no e-mail or any contact from Dell.  I don't know how Dell could mess this up any more.

  • I am one of the few people who live near one of the 7 Microsoft stores who have had limited supplies of the 8 Gb Venue Pro. My wife wanted one of these, after numerous frustrations with the initial launch problems with the DVP she got a loaner htc HD7. With the short battery life of the HD7 she went back to Blackberry! I was holding out for the 16 Gb Venue Pro after I tried the 8 Gb model in-store.

    I was impressed by your intention to do a bigger re-launch when the initial WiFi/SIM card etc. issues were fixed, assuming that Dell would "get it right" the second time after the initial wave of bad PR. I ordered on 12/1, when you were promising shipping on 12/9, and my estimated delivery date was 12/15. I saw on Monday 12/13 that the estimated delivery date is now the 6th of January, obviously completely frustrating for anyone who ordered as a Christmas present. Eventually I got a generic 'sorry for the delay' email. 3+ weeks is not a 'slight delay' Lionel and I agree that you should be following up with us directly at this point.

    At this point our ORDERS are more like PRE-ORDERS and you should give everybody who's getting the "January 6th delay" notification a free 2 YEAR WARRANTY, as well as making every effort to get us as many phones delivered by Christmas as you can.

  • My date finally changed to the standard 1/7/2011, presumably early this morning, the day it was to be delivered.  I'm trying to understand two things:

    1. I thought I canceled my order yesterday, why is it still active?

    2. How can a mail order company have such an abysmal order tracking/customer notification system?

    I still have not gotten an e-mail telling me that the date changed.  I had to log into the order status screen on the Dell site to see it.  This is quite possibly the WORST product launch in recent history.  how does a company like Dell fail so spectacularly?  HTC, Samsung and LG all got it right, why couldn't Dell?  It looks like Dell needed to fire more than just the head of the mobile department.

    This event has given Dell a PR huge black eye and looking at the various blogs and twitter feeds, a large negative shot to Dell's image and already famously inept customer service.

    Dell needs to start providing regular updates surrounding this if they want to salvage any good will at all from the people that they deliberately and intentionally misled through misinformation to pre-order this phone on 12/1.

  • We want answers and compensation Lionel!!!

  • @Lionel - Thanks for the gesture. But, that doesn't help much. First, for folks that have already paid for next day shipping should get a refund of shipping charges. Second, the BT headset is not useful for many (as many would already have one) and even if useful, it is low rated one. We would expect more like a $$ off adjustment to the order or a free 1 yr zune pass. Doing that might win customers back. By the way, if nothing ships by this week, i am cancelling my order and advice the same for other orders from my company.

  • I've been looking forward to this phone for a while and continue to be disappointed.  First, I couldn't order it online at launch.  When I was finally able to order it on Dec 1st, I was suprised that it was going to be 2 more weeks, but I was willing to wait.  Now I'm being told 3 more weeks.  I've never had an order take that long from Dell.

    I was going to be switch to T-Mobile from Sprint only because of this phone.  I'm not impressed with the offer on the bluetooth headset, and the sipping upgrade is little confort considering it's still at least 3 weeks away.  (BTW - a free case would probably have gone over more than a free bluetooth headset.)

    I'm giving it until next week before I cancel my order.  If it comes to that, Dell loses and T-Mobile loses.

  • if anything it would be nice to see what the rollout looks like. There are some users that have received changes in their order status to delivery preparation...so shipping is coming to those select few but what is the process that indicates when its coming

    also what about someone like me who already had next business day shipping?

  • @Lionel Glad to hear that the Dell Venue Pro is finally shipping.  At least immediate actions are being taken to address this problem.  Mdm Lionel, could you please let me know when will the Dell Venue Pro arrive in Asian country?  I've been waiting quite patiently for the announcement of the availability of the Venue Pro in Hong Kong.

  • I've been patiently waiting for this phone to get a steady shipping schedule.  While I'm on AT&T, I am considering to T-Mobile JUST FOR THIS PHONE. That is, if there are no plans to bring this to AT&T bands soon...??  

  • A scene from “A Few Good Venues”….Do you want answers?  I think I’m entitled to them.  DO YOU WANT ANSWERS?  I WANT THE TRUTH!  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!  Son, we live in a world that has customer service, and those walls have to be guarded by men with no answers. Who's going to give them? You? You, Bill Gates?  I have a greater customer service responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for your Dell Venue Pro, and you curse the Dell Mobile Phone Team. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know, that the Venue Pro’s delay, while tragic, probably saved Dell further embarrassment.  And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves Dell a ton of humiliation. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like SIM Cards, Wi-Fi, and wrong batteries. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent circumventing something. You use them as a punch line. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very customer service that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a IPhone 4G, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to or when you’re getting your phone.

  • Lionel, seriously, thank you for the update, as well as the shipping upgrade and free Plantronics headset.  Is Dell planning on sending official e-mails out to us (the Dec 1-14 orderers) solidifying this?

  • Being a Dell Fan, just want to ensure the product gets launched successfully, delivering all expectations @ good price even if it gets bit delayed.

  • Just wanted to let folks know that I just received an email saying that my Venue Pro (16GB, no contract) was shipped last night for delivery on 12/17.  Had a Fedex tracking number and everything.  So, it looks like a phone has actually shipped! Now I just hope it works when it gets here!  By the way, the phone was ordered 12/3/10.

  • @Lionel - How come people ordered later than Dec 1st are starting to get the DVP shipment notification and for those from Dec 1st still wait? Is your shipping system also so screwed up like DVP? May be you guys should go and take a Warehouse Management class.:)

  • I would like to know that as well.

    I'm one of the first people to place an order on Dec. 1 yet mine is delayed until Jan 6!

    how come people that ordered later than Dec 1 are getting their phones shipped out waaaayyy before ours?!

    I ordered a 16gb version of the phone and I upgraded my Tmobile account by the way.