AT&T SIM-locked Units and the Froyo Update

AT&T SIM-locked Units and the Froyo Update


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AT&T SIM-locked Units and the Froyo Update

The topic of when we were going to upgrade Streak users from Donut (Android 1.6) to Froyo (Android 2.2) has been the source of much conversation since we launched the device in the UK back in May. We continue to roll out the over-the-air update to Streak devices outside the United States since we started the process last month. The reality is that there are a lot of moving parts in the mobile space. Offering a product like Streak means working with multiple carriers in multiple regions. Many times that translates into multiple timetables. That’s part of what’s happening here.   

In response to the recent chatter questioning when we will offer the Froyo update to AT&T SIM-locked versions of Dell Streak, here’s the deal…  Customers in the United States who own AT&T SIM-locked versions of the phone will hopefully begin seeing the Froyo update sometime next month. In the meantime, we continue to work with AT&T to push this through.

So, who has AT&T SIM-locked units? Many customers who purchased  the device in the United States before November 23 have units that are SIM-locked to AT&T. US customers who purchased the $299 version of the Streak (the one with a two-year AT&T contract) after November 23 also have units that are SIM-locked to AT&T.  

I know many of you have been waiting for the Froyo update. As I mentioned before, we’ll continue to work with AT&T to push this through. When I have new updates on the topic,  will share them here.

Update (2-23): The Streak 5 Froyo over-the-air update is starting today for AT&T and Rogers customers. Details here. I'll close comments on this thread to centralize the discussion there. 


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  • Thank you Lionel for the confirmation.

    Would it be so difficult for Dell to just post this back when you're announcing the Froyo launch November 15th? Why kept confusing us with the vague term of 'locked' vs 'unlocked' while you've always known that US-based Streaks (which is essentially what they are, because at that time 'US unlocked Streaks' did not exist) will not get Froyo until 2011? Amy even told me on twitter to just 'keep checking manually', and I assumed it's because it may come at any time. And like an idiot I did what she told me because I really thought it would come soon. I mean, why would Dell lie to me, right?

    Like I said on the forum post, I bought my Streak full price from Dell, not AT&T. AT&T does not (have never been for years, and hopefully never will again) subsidize me on anything, and I don't have any kind of contract with them. Yes, I'm currently using the Streak on their network, but my line is prepaid and I could leave whenever I want and they will give me the unlock code if I asked them (I've done this before without a problem).

    Please stop selling your soul to AT&T for a device that they don't even care about promoting. You're on your own with this, doing the selling and supporting, and you let them bully you to do whatever they want with the updates. Have some pride! And stop lying to your loyal customers!

  • Whats going on then with the Unlocked US Streaks and their ship dates.  Started out as 12/8 and is now pushed back all the way to 12/27?  I am still waiting for my refund from sending my my locked streak (been just over a week now since Dell got the unit back) and was planning to order an unlocked one but with the way that's looking I might change my mind.  Can you shed some light on that subject?

  • Hi Lionel. APpreciate you sticking your neck out.

    Now please get us a timetable for all versions in all countries.

    My question: when will the O2 locked streaks be updated to Froyo?

  • Great cause I purchased my phone for the 549 dollars without the contract and so I though I was getting the Unlocked one, as I told the rep that I wanted, but instead got the locked version.  This is one of the reason why I am frustrated.  So why did I get the Locked version over the unlocked version?

  • Can Canadian customers expect an update in the same period of time as AT&T? If not any ideas(even estimations) of a timeline for us. The carrier is only saying "Dell is hard at work on the update".....

    Build 7921

    Baseband GAUSB1A11172-US

  • Is this real ???

    Please let us know, I do not mind paying more just let me have the update.


  • Why does ATT get to say when I can update my device? I paid full price for it, do not use it on their network, and am still forced to wait for their approval to update my gadget? The update is clearly finished (it's even been patched once). This is just ridiculous, it's time to let this update out.

  • As I sad before, people are willing to pay more money just for the update, and dell knows it, and thats why they have given us the update.  As we can see none of our questions have been answer here.  What a waste of time CHIEF!


  • this is about the only way i could find to get ahold of dell i tried buying two lap tops over the phone after 3 hours and being treated like garbage they canceled our order and told us we had to start all over the nobody was WILLING TO HELP ME.... insted they were very very rude tried to get them to give me a corprute number they would not it must be a seceret well i dont think the big wigs would care any way dell has a good product but i will never deal with them again... leaving this is just a big waste of time because the big wigs at dell do not care about treating people fair or with respect this will get deleted any way keep treating people with no respect and they will leave you like me......... this part is a joke to say if any big wig wants the full story please contact me you have my email address but if your RUDE like everybody else that works there dont waste my time or yours i know 1 person dont mean nothing to you but slowly you are losing a lot of us contact me if you have the guts

  • I paid full price for this unit back in Aug 30, 2010 was delivered on Nov 9, 2010

    Sub-Total : $467.49

    Shipping : $0.00

    Tax : $40.91

    Order Total : $508.40

    Didn't want a contract with AT&T why am I still locked to them? Also wish I had the 2.2 update already..:(

  • Very disappointed. I'm now awaiting my 4th streak phone, 3 replacements so far. Battery door issues and stuck at the boot screen with the Dell logo. Soooo much potential but we buy these things to stay ahead on the latest and greatest. I have no more bragging rights left with any of my friends. Luckily someone at Dell forgot to let at&t know to extend my contract. So I'm selling the replacement this week and getting something else, it'll be reliable, habe froyo 2.2, and be easy to buy accessories for, not that I didnt mind waiting 3 months for the streak dock, I just cancelled the order. I just read the streak has been voted the worst device of this year. Very unfortunate. You guys have to make it right very quickly. Promising the 2.2 update in December and changing it AGAIN to now January doesn't really say you guys have your atuff together. Sorry guys, this thing was a huge launch failure. I wish you the best of luck in the future, but you won't find me or any of my 300 employees with a dell device. Even windows mobile has you beat. I love the forum format here, too bad you never respond.

  • Seriously? Now it's "some time in January"?

    Dell is working with AT&T to "push this through"?

    I am ever increasingly disappointed with my Streak phone - keeping this OS update out of my hands certainly isn't helping.

    Dell and AT&T both have their hands in my wallet - could you please give me an OS upgrade now?

  • I posted yesterday but apparently it wasn't appreciated, so they removed my post. So I'll post again: even the salesperson at Best Buy told me this phone was out of date and a horrible flop of a product. Said the support was horrible then tried seloing me a Samsung Galaxy. I was too embarrassed to show him my streak but I think it's getting replaced with the galaxy, it actually worked. Any news on the update release?  

  • Is there anyone at Dell to answer these questions?

  • I give up. Phone is sold.

  • Yes, it would be at least respectable of Dell to keep their customers in the loop on what's going on with this situation.

    If they expect their existing customers to continue buying future products.

  • Ok,so I took a chance on the Streak when I didnt use my upgrade eligibility on the iPhone 4. If 2.2 OTA update isnt in place (I'm an ATT US guy) I'm returning this thing by my 30 days are up 1/30/11...who's with me?

  • Already did it.

  • I purchased my Streak 12/21/2010.  I wished I had seen this online before I purchased.  I risked using my upgrade (ATT) on the STREAK so I could start cutting my ties with Apple and not buy the iPhone 4.  Well, it's like this.  If the Fryo update is not released in time for me to use it at least 1 week before my 30 day return window expires, and I like it, I will gladly re-connect the cord with Apple as I return the Streak.  Who's with me, or what say you Streak Universe?

  • Indio: check with ATT.  Dell didn't communicate my upgrade so I can still upgrade through ATT. I still paid $300 for this thing and barely ggot my money back with the car mount and 32GB card tho. Ebay will work. But the NEW price is $199 with contract extension. So I think I got ripped off. Very disappointing.

  • FLM: Thanks for the insight.

  • I really like my Streak, but I will probably love it if and when the 2.2. update comes out. But if it's not out by the 12th of this month like I've seen posted I'll be returning it on the 14th because my 30 days is up on the 15th.Not sure what I'll get, just not going back to apple I know that.

  • Any update on this? If I don't have 2.2 in "mid-January" I'll be putting a .45 caliber hole through my Streak and posting it for all to see.

  • No one from Dell is responding to this thread. Original post was almost a month ago.