Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro


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Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro

Doesn't take long in the #dellvenuepro tweetstream to see that potential Venue Pro customers are waiting for us to share official details.

We are currently ramping production so that we can launch the Venue Pro on a bigger scale. Bottom line, Dell wants to be sure when you place an order that we can ship your Venue Pro in a timely manner. Like Bill mentioned before, initially, we plan to offer it to customers in the United States via T-Mobile.

I've also seen the chatter about the Windows Phone 7 and micro SD cards. Here's what I can make clear right now. Dell will only support the micro SD card configuration that you order. If you remove the micro SD card, your Venue Pro will not work. This is because the part of the Windows Phone 7 OS is installed on the card. Another reason: there is not an eject mechanism in the micro SD slot. It was not designed to be user-accessible.

I've also seen tweets from folks like @Nabiscuit reporting issues with the headphone jack. I've asked our teams to look into this. Another thing our teams are looking into are the camera settings not being saved.   

I know many of you have been waiting for more details. Folks here definitely appreciate the interest. We’ll work with our teams to share more Venue Pro details here on Direct2Dell and via the #dellvenuepro hashtag.


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  • Thanks for the update, Lionel.  No mention of a time-frame or release date, though?  Can you give us something, ANYTHING to go on?

    Also, there are a lot of reports citing *very* poor camera performance -- blurry photos, slow shutter speed, bad low-light performance, etc..  Can you confirm whether or not Dell is looking into these issues?

  • yipcanjo: At this point, I eally can't. The last thing I want to do is to put a date out there and bewrong about it. Just know that I willl work to share updates as soon as I can.

    Our teams are looking into the camera issues along with the teams at Microsoft.

  • Been waiting a while.  Getting impatient.  But between getting a buggy phone now or a perfect phone later, I'll choose the latter.

    Just know that new phones are coming out all the time and I'm already taking a risk being an early w7p adopter.  The Focus is a very nice phone.  New Android phones come out all the time, and I'm sure iPhone 5 details will spill soon.

  • I'm hoping to get a Venue Pro myself before leaving the UK for Hong Kong mid-December.

  • i need to switch out of my family plan and im really trying to wait on the venue pro before i do so but i can't wait forever. it is just a phone after all, and i have more important things to worry about. i'd love to try out dell's product but i'll be forced to look elsewhere soon. oh well.

  • Thank you for the update! Just hearing an update makes everyone feel much better.

  • FYI, ANYONE looking to buy a WP7 device and is interested in the Dell Venue Pro, i'd hold off on purchasing the HD7 if possible. I have the dell venue pro (with engineering battery) and aside from the camera performance / issues, the device is GREAT!

    Lets hope dell puts out an update for the camera and gets some units in stores before December!

  • Thanks for the update. I was ready to run out and get another WP7 phone instead because I can't bear the wait. Now that I know Dell hasn't forgotten about the Venue Pro, I think I can hold off a bit longer

  • Thanks for the update, Lionel. What about those orders (fake or testing?) that dell is taking everyday on their website for the past couple of days.?

  • I am anxiously awaiting this device. I have been the owner of several Dell mobile devices including the best pocket pc of all time, the Axim x51. This looks like it could be the best wp7 device as well. I want it, and soon...

  • yessirrom: Thanks for being a longtime fan of Dell mobile products. From what I've seen of it, I think the Venue Pro is worth waiting for.

  • I have a Dell Venue Pro and can confirm the camera is terrible unless lighting conditions are ideal.  The 8G feels small so opt for 16G.  The display is gorgeous and the physical keyboard is really nice.  WP7 runs very smooth.

  • When is it coming to india?  Hope within this week cos this is the phone i ve been waitn for. But cant wait too long

  • Does this phone have UMA for calls over WiFi?

  • Lionel, while we are waiting, tell us about PC tethering and video out...be specific :-)