Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro

Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro


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Where we are with the Dell Venue Pro

Doesn't take long in the #dellvenuepro tweetstream to see that potential Venue Pro customers are waiting for us to share official details.

We are currently ramping production so that we can launch the Venue Pro on a bigger scale. Bottom line, Dell wants to be sure when you place an order that we can ship your Venue Pro in a timely manner. Like Bill mentioned before, initially, we plan to offer it to customers in the United States via T-Mobile.

I've also seen the chatter about the Windows Phone 7 and micro SD cards. Here's what I can make clear right now. Dell will only support the micro SD card configuration that you order. If you remove the micro SD card, your Venue Pro will not work. This is because the part of the Windows Phone 7 OS is installed on the card. Another reason: there is not an eject mechanism in the micro SD slot. It was not designed to be user-accessible.

I've also seen tweets from folks like @Nabiscuit reporting issues with the headphone jack. I've asked our teams to look into this. Another thing our teams are looking into are the camera settings not being saved.   

I know many of you have been waiting for more details. Folks here definitely appreciate the interest. We’ll work with our teams to share more Venue Pro details here on Direct2Dell and via the #dellvenuepro hashtag.


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  • Thanks for the update, Lionel.  No mention of a time-frame or release date, though?  Can you give us something, ANYTHING to go on?

    Also, there are a lot of reports citing *very* poor camera performance -- blurry photos, slow shutter speed, bad low-light performance, etc..  Can you confirm whether or not Dell is looking into these issues?

  • yipcanjo: At this point, I eally can't. The last thing I want to do is to put a date out there and bewrong about it. Just know that I willl work to share updates as soon as I can.

    Our teams are looking into the camera issues along with the teams at Microsoft.

  • Been waiting a while.  Getting impatient.  But between getting a buggy phone now or a perfect phone later, I'll choose the latter.

    Just know that new phones are coming out all the time and I'm already taking a risk being an early w7p adopter.  The Focus is a very nice phone.  New Android phones come out all the time, and I'm sure iPhone 5 details will spill soon.

  • I'm hoping to get a Venue Pro myself before leaving the UK for Hong Kong mid-December.

  • i need to switch out of my family plan and im really trying to wait on the venue pro before i do so but i can't wait forever. it is just a phone after all, and i have more important things to worry about. i'd love to try out dell's product but i'll be forced to look elsewhere soon. oh well.

  • Thank you for the update! Just hearing an update makes everyone feel much better.

  • FYI, ANYONE looking to buy a WP7 device and is interested in the Dell Venue Pro, i'd hold off on purchasing the HD7 if possible. I have the dell venue pro (with engineering battery) and aside from the camera performance / issues, the device is GREAT!

    Lets hope dell puts out an update for the camera and gets some units in stores before December!

  • Thanks for the update. I was ready to run out and get another WP7 phone instead because I can't bear the wait. Now that I know Dell hasn't forgotten about the Venue Pro, I think I can hold off a bit longer

  • Thanks for the update, Lionel. What about those orders (fake or testing?) that dell is taking everyday on their website for the past couple of days.?

  • I am anxiously awaiting this device. I have been the owner of several Dell mobile devices including the best pocket pc of all time, the Axim x51. This looks like it could be the best wp7 device as well. I want it, and soon...

  • yessirrom: Thanks for being a longtime fan of Dell mobile products. From what I've seen of it, I think the Venue Pro is worth waiting for.

  • I have a Dell Venue Pro and can confirm the camera is terrible unless lighting conditions are ideal.  The 8G feels small so opt for 16G.  The display is gorgeous and the physical keyboard is really nice.  WP7 runs very smooth.

  • When is it coming to india?  Hope within this week cos this is the phone i ve been waitn for. But cant wait too long

  • Does this phone have UMA for calls over WiFi?

  • Lionel, while we are waiting, tell us about PC tethering and video out...be specific :-)

  • Please, don't ramp up production until you sort out all issues. Looks like the new set of phones received by MS stores today have a new issue-SIM won't work anymore(source-XDA forum). Nice job Dell. Looks like Dell will put a big dent in MS plasn to re-enter the mobile market.

  • This would be my first "really smart phone" .  I have a flip phone with no internet-just talk-of course work pays for it....but I am tired of it and embarrased when I use it.  This will be a "culture shock" for me.  I will be great to do my work on the road....nice......I will wait...  

  • Went to T-Mobile yesterday. There was one lone HD7 in a sea of Android devices. I asked the clerk about the Dell Venue Pro and he said they knew nothing and had no training since they weren't going to carry it. Other than driving 8 hours to the Microsoft store in LA, is it possible this phone will be available to look at and hold and possibly purchase through Best Buy or some other retailer? Pretty odd if not because even Walmart has an iphone display, and that's just an iphone.

  • Yeah... got my dell venue pro today...only problem is I can't use it. It won't read the sim card. I just don't understand how you mess something up like that.... How did this pass testing??? I am so upset right now because I have to drive another hour to the microsoft store and get it replaced! I swear if they don't tell me that I will have a replacement phone within a few days I will go with the hd7. It has a bigger hard drive anyway. I am sick of it dell. Please contact me and change my mind. You say you are going to offer it in 16gb, then you don't. You fix the wifi issue, then you guys mess up on the most fundamental part of a cell phone... I am just so disappointed and will not be buying a phone from dell ever again unless they do something to make up for my hours of troubleshooting this phone. How about you give me 10% off your phone? There's a start and maybe I will buy from you again.

  • I've been an advocate for this phone since I read about it.  I was extremely pleased to hear it would be on T-Mobile.  I have been waiting for the DVP since Windows Phone 7 launched.  I'm just sick of waiting with very little information from Dell.  It's pathetic that Dell manufactures and sells the phone but can't launch it nor provide an ETA for wide release after 2 weeks!

    I just renewed my contract with T-Mobile and purchased a Samsung Vibrant.  I really wanted Windows Phone 7 but didn't want to leave T-Mobile (they are much less expensive for family plans) and don't care for the HD7.  

    I just wanted to post this hoping that Dell would reconsider their strategy in the future.

    Maybe I'll look at Dell again if they release a "4G" version in the future.

  • I purchased a Dell Venue Pro from the Microsoft Store in San Diego and I am not able to use it because of the SIM card not being able to be read. I am very disappointed, I paid retail price and cancelled my contract with Sprint. Microsoft will not be selling the phone until Dell sends them a consistent shipment so this means I a, left without a phone until then. Do you have any idea when Dell will be FULLY releasing this phone to either Dell.com or Microsoft again? I think the least you can for us loyal customers is give us a time frame.

  • I agree with Ivanc2, it seems that the problems are of a great magnitude when Dell won't give ANY kind of time line on the phone. I've got to get a new phone soon but I can't consider the Venue Pro as an option because of Dell's ambiguity. Lionel, can you give any kind of update? By xmas? Within a week or two???

  • Lionel,

    Thankfully my experience with the Venue Pro has been mostly trouble free.   WPA2 seems to work just fine.  My  battery life is shorter than I would like but on par with my friend’s iPhone 3Gs.  Most of my issues (especially the lack of on-device encryption, no copy & paste, no local syncing of Outlook or OneNote) are really with Microsoft's 7.0 version of Windows Phone.  Disappointing but MS will get around to giving me what I want (foolish hope?).  

    I am having problems with the Bluetooth connection to my car being randomly disconnected and I don’t know who to talk to about it.   When I called your help desk last week, none of your tech’s believed I had one.  Please send help…

    Last week I got a call from the Microsoft store telling me that the phone I had was an “engineering sample” and that they would exchange my DVP for a new unit as soon as they came in.  The store called me on Sat to tell me they had new devices.  I waited until Sun afternoon to come in and when I got there, I was advised against swapping the phone.  I was pulled aside and told that the newly arrived Venue Pro’s were, "Killing" SIM cards (meaning the SIM cards don't just stop working in Venue Pro's, they don't seem to work in ANY other phones after they've been inserted into DVPs).    The staff apologized, told me the problem had been escalated to Dell, T-mobile,  Microsoft and that he would call me when they had some news to share.


    Everyone one who owns a Dell Venue Pro BELEVES in Dell.  That’s why we bought this phone.  Yeah it’s pretty slick (diplay, keyboards, yada yada…) but we bought a DVP with the expectation that we could insert our SIM card, power it up, and start using it.   As per the engadget.com you’re your “target audience” is (or was)…

    “Accomplished Productives / Life Maximisers

           >Busy Professionals who know how to live life to the fullest

           >Demand multipurpose , always connected functionality

           >Passionate about using the latest technology to enrich their life style

           >Discriminating individuals looking for a distinct design”

    No “Accomplished Productive” in their right mind would spend a DIME on a product if they believe it’s going to be a source of wasted time and aggravation.    So…

    1) Please take care of your customers (especially the early adopters) and we WILL take care of you. The iPhone’s success was really a word of mouth story and the DVP is a very nice device.  I personally have been looking forward to it for quite awhile and everyone who sees it is VERY impressed with the Venue Pro.

    2) The opportunity cost is huge.  Each of the Dell Venue Pro’s now in the hands of the public will turn into the most expensive $450 dollar sales Dell has ever made if they are a source of aggravation to the people who now depend on them.



  • You know I'm usually just a lurker but I really have to say something. Dell I hope you’re paying attention to this, this is really getting old real fast. I have to drive more than an hour one way each time I make a trip to the MS Store in Mission Viejo. I wasted a total of 5 hours with these 2 trips I've made over there and I still don’t have a working phone. I picked up my replacement yesterday and it worked fine while I was at the store but only to get a SIM card error by the time I made it home. This is really frustrating, how can this continue. I really think you should give those that have been through this ordeal a free upgrade to the 16GB version to make it up to us. Microsoft was generous enough (Thanks Microsoft) to give us a 1year pass to Zune and THEY did not have to do that since it obviously a DELL PROBLEM.....

    Oh by the way your new batch also has Bluetooth issue. After pairing a device to the phone it works but once you turn off the device (my case a headset) and turn it back on, the device can’t connect to the phone. I have to turn the Bluetooth radio back on and off on the phone for the device to connect to the phone again. This was not the case with the engineering sample phone I had before the replacement…....unbelievable...come on DELL get it together.

    Aside from all this I’m still pulling for the DVP, it’s a great phone, I love it  and I wouldn’t want to use WP7 on any other device...

  • Lionel,

    I've been lurking around the Dell support page since the first images of the Venue Pro appeared in October. Since then you have been commenting once every 3 weeks, with very little to say as far as REAL INFORMATION. The majority of your posts have been made in order to redirect negative statements about DELL or the Venue Pro. You post about how cool it is, and that you will post news when you can, but the truth is that you haven't had one ounce of original news to post. All of your posts consists of information that the community has discovered about the Venue Pro. For instance, it was up to the community to find the Venue Pro homepage, leaked information on the web to discover launch dates and customer forums to discover flaws in the device. You never told us where the Venue Pro homepage was or any information that it would be available in MS Stores on the 8th or any push back of the launch dates. Take this Blog for instance, "We are currently ramping up production so that we can launch the Venue Pro on a bigger scale" . So your telling us that DELL is working on manufacturing the device (We already knew that) and "on a bigger scale" We all know that the Venue Pro is only going to be available through the DELL.com website and the Microsoft Store , this is because of T-Mobile's loose agreement with DELL to support the device. So once again ,things we already know... What is the bigger scale Lionel? Is DELL going to release them on the moon? or may-be in bestbuy locations?DELL should forget about bigger scales and worry about producing a phone that doesn't have a 100% return rate (Which if you count the "Invalid Sims" and Engineering Demos") applies to every Venue Pro released into the market as of today. How about you tell us something NEW and stop reintroducing information that we are already posting on DELL's blogs. You say that you are informative on the device and the project, but yet it seems like even consumers like I know more about this device , its production , issues and release than you.