NVIDIA GPU Update: NVIDIA Class Action Settlement and Limited Warranty Enhancement

NVIDIA GPU Update: NVIDIA Class Action Settlement and Limited Warranty Enhancement


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NVIDIA GPU Update: NVIDIA Class Action Settlement and Limited Warranty Enhancement

This is my fifth post on the topic of the NVIDIA GPU issue. For those customers who are reading about this for the first time, please refer to my previous post from 2008 that ties each of the earlier posts together. I have closed the comment thread on those earlier posts, so if you have questions or comments, you can respond here.

Some of you may have read the recent news regarding the NVIDIA class action settlement in sites like CNETElectronista and Ubergizmo. This class action lawsuit covers systems purchased in the United States only. More information regarding the settlement can be obtained at www.nvidiasettlement.com. The complete list of affected systems from Dell and other manufacturers can be found here on the NVIDIA settlement site. Other information like Court Documents and Important Dates and Deadlines can be found there as well.

The last time I blogged about the global warranty enhancement policy regarding this issue back in September 2008, I explained that Dell offered customers a worldwide 12-month limited warranty enhancement specific to this NVIDIA GPU issue. The NVIDIA settlement does not change that policy.

Here's more of what I shared then:

"Again, the limited warranty enhancement is specific to this issue and will extend coverage by 12 months from the date the original warranty term for the laptop expires. For example, one-year warranties will be extended to 24 months for this issue only. The maximum combined period for the initial warranty and the limited-warranty enhancement is 60 months. Systems purchased with 60-month warranties will not be extended. Customers whose warranties have expired will be eligible for this limited warranty enhancement from the date the initial warranty expired."

This extra year is in addition to the date your default system warranty expired.

Here are the Dell systems that may experience the NVIDIA GPU issue over time:

Dell Product Name

Dell Precision M2300 Latitude D630 Vostro Notebook 1700
Dell Precision M4300 Latitude D630c Vostro Notebook 1710
Dell Precision M6300 Latitude D820 XPS M1210
Dell Precision M65 Latitude D830 XPS M1330
Inspiron 1420 Vostro Notebook 1310 XPS M1530
Inspiron E1705/ 9400 Vostro Notebook 1400 XPS M1710
Latitude D620 Vostro Notebook 1510 XPS M1730

Customers who have questions about the NVIDIA class action settlement can go to http://nvidiasettlement.com, call 1-877-440-7557, or write to the NVIDIA GPU Litigation Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 6177, Novato, CA 94948-6177.

Customers outside the United States who have one of the above systems that is exhibiting video failures, please contact Dell Technical Support. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to support.dell.com
  • At the very bottom of the page, select your country in the Choose a Country/Region field
  • Choose Contact Us on the left hand side
  • Click on the More Details link in the Contact Technical Support section
  • Click on the green Telephone button under the Call Tech Support section

If you are a US customer, here’s how to contact Dell in the United States:

  1. Phone: Customers in the United States can go to the Contact Technical Support page to choose from several options, including Call Technical Support.
  2. Twitter: Please follow and then reach out to @DellCares
  3. Facebook: Fill out the Dell Support for Facebook Fans form (this requires you to have a Facebook account)

I apologize for any frustration that this issue has caused any of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dell in the ways I mention above, or share your thoughts below.


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  • icuwalsh: We should have that information based on your service tag or customer number. Please send me a private message with that information, and I can connect you with someone on our Tech Support team.

  • I have an XPS m1330 that I am pretty sure is affected by this lawsuit, but I am having problems finding the part number of the video card.  Where would I find the part number for the affected video card?

  • @willb09: Easiest thing is to plug your service tag number (it's a black and white barcode sticker, both #s and letters) in at Support.Dell.com, or send me a private message with that information.

  • Hey Lionel, I'm hoping you can answer me this on the extended warranty.

    I'm outside of the US, not that that should matter as far as i'm concerned, and I have a recently out of warranty D620 which is experiencing the described video problems. It's so bad I can't even see the POST or BIOS screen. Anyway, I've spoken to your colleagues at the Dell Out of warranty Services for Ireland and the UK. According to them, I can only get this fixed by purchasing an additional 1 or 2 year warranty from Dell, since the card is built onto the motherboard. Your posts don't mention the specifics on what Dell actually covers. Are they telling me the truth? Or am i being quietly taken for a ride by Out of warranty Services trying to make a quick sale? If Dell and NVIDIA are prepared to sell these items globally, then they should be prepared to fix it globally, and not just in the States. As far as i can tell, I'm still inside the 1 year warranty enhancement period.


  • belfort: It does matter that you are outside the United States in one sense--the NVIDIA settlement is specific to customers in the United States.

    Regarding your situation, if you are outside of the 1-year enhanced warranty that covers this issue, then buying the extended warranty is more cost-effective than paying for the motherboard itself.

  • Hi Lionel,

    Glad to hear some follow up on this again.  I sold my M1330 to a friend shortly after which he had garbled video and problems but continued to use it in that state.  I had him update the bios which seemed to help.  I moved away and didn't talk to him for awhile, now he has contacted me and the laptop won't power on at all.  I had him send the notebook back to me so I could take a look.  I believe I have had the motherboard replaced once under warranty on this unit due to video problems.

    I contacted Dell support as you mentioned to see if anything can be done before the settlement in December.  They were very rude and told me they know nothing of a settlement and asked me to pay $59 for support.  Upon further arguing I was told he would transfer me to support but they would tell me to buy a replacement anyway. After finally being "transfered" to support which put me on hold for 3 minutes and then I was hung up on.

    I am a computer technician and helped friends, clients and family members buy 100s of computers from Dell over the years, unfortunately the video problem has affected a large handful of them.  I'm happy to see this will finally be resolved in one way or another.

    So my final question is, am I handling this wrong?  Is Dell unable or unwilling to help until the settlement has closed in December?  I would like to help my friend get his notebook repaired or replaced sooner if possible.

    Please let me know how to proceed from here!



  • After more than a year of using my XPS M1330 as a $1200 paperweight, I learned from a friend earlier today that overheating and video/graphics problem is a well known issue with this model, and I should call Dell.

    The person from XPS Hardware Support I spoke with was very helpful and is sending me a box to ship the unit back to Dell. The unit is out of warranty now, but the one year limited warranty extension is in force,

    What will the fix be? Will it be a GPU replacement? Motherboard replacement? Just the dreaded BIOS "upgrade"? Two years ago, I understand there was confusion about this, but what is the accepted solution now?

    I suspect the overheating has caused other issues on my machine. For one, the chassis has bent slightly, and will not sit flat on a table or countertop. Will issues like this be fixed?

    I am furious that Dell did not recall the computers with this defect, even though they know perfectly well who bought these units, and have their addresses on file. Counting on some people to just give up rather than deal with Dell's support systems.

  • @Lionel;

    "if you are outside of the 1-year enhanced warranty that covers this issue, then buying the extended warranty is more cost-effective than paying for the motherboard itself."

    True, I know this. I don't have a problem with this. But if i'm inside the 1-year enhanced warranty? You've posted above that "Customers whose warranties have expired will be eligible for this limited warranty enhancement from the date the initial warranty expired." The warranty for this laptop expired on the 4/9/2010. I'm not trying to be a pain, just looking for clear answers. Is this whole extended warranty only available to the States? Am i wasting my time trying to follow up on this with Dell just because i live in Europe?


  • Hello Lyonel, I'm from Spain and my xps1330 is out of warranty and out of a possible warranty enhancement. How is possible that Dell don't offer a special treatment to customers giving these issues just when its warranty is expired? They are demanding 70% of the xps price to fix the problems. It is unbelievable.

    Can you help me, please?    

  • OK. Well you guys all look like you have had your hands full with this video card thing. Let me add my anxiety to the mix. My original warranty ran out 1/29/10 and the card went to heck on 9/28/10. I called the support desk and wound up on hold till my phone battery died and I had to plug into a wall. I finally got to talk to a person who spoke with a very strong accent and after 30 min of hassle it was agreed that they would fix my problem for $200 which I do not think I had to pay but I was exhausted from all the arguing over the issue.

    OK now today I get a call from Dell and am told that the problem is that the card is on the mother board and I have to pay another $300 to get it fixed!!!! OMG What is with that? I argued with the lady that cant speak well enough for me to get through her accent so I can understand more than every 3rd word till she said they would fix it for the $200 I had already paid (I still don't think I should have had to pay that). And she would not let me talk to her supervisor.

    OK so now my laptop is being fixed for the original $200 that I should not have had to pay but atleast it is getting fixed, but I'm still mad I didn't get to talk to the supervisor so I called back and talked to a supervisor who told me that if  I wanted to get the work done under the extended warranty I had to register at some web site which when you go there, there is no link to register.  

    I have been dealing with this for the past 9 hrs just today!!! What does it take to get Dell to stand behind what it says? and can't you get people who speak English so that a person can understand them to handle the phone lines? I'm Sorry but this is way beyond ridiculous.

  • @belfort: If you are still within the additional 1 year warranty period, then we will fix your machine as part of that warranty.

    For the others who have recently added comments on this thread, please send me a private message with the following details:

    • Your service tag number
    • What country you reside in
    • The best way to contact you

    If you are from outside the United States and the additional 1-year warranty period has expired, you will need to pay to have your system repaired. 

  • Hello,

    I've problems with Nvidia GPU vertical lines and laptop stops responding. I live and bought laptop INSPIRON 1520 in Latvia.

    Service tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>.

    Is there any way to rapair?

  • I am having difficulty seeing if my parts are affected, I defiantly have NVIDIA equipment running on my laptop, I have had minimal issues, however, have had some of the issues described in the settlement paperwork :

    I have a Dell XPSM1530,

    Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> is there anyway

    Dell can assist me in figuring out if my laptop is included?

  • Wow, OK, this is a lot to take so I am probably going to have a lot of questions so I'll try and make them as short as possible. I bought my Dell Studio XPS M1530 July 2008 and I've have been having video issues, it started off with games but now its started to affect the day to day use of the computer.

    First, I've been reading over the settlement and I've seen a lot of posts that have involved overheating issues but I haven't seen it under the symptoms is overheating/shutdown from the GPU classified as the "Intermittent video issues"  symptom or any of the others.

    Also how can we insure that any of the issues effecting the computer aren't effecting any of the other parts on the system? Until I actually had my system examined, I didn't know what was overheating, the other times it could have been the CPU, VDU, or the Motherboard. How do I know each time the computer is being effected its not hurting something else?

    Also about the warranty so i just call up and everything is automatic or do I have to fill/show proof to get this extended warranty?

    About the Settlement, I've also been to the website and I don't know how to find the GPU part number I know the Service number, but i don't know which one of the parts are the GPU bc I can't find it in the description.

    Finally I liked to input some of my two cents. First I'd like to say that I'm grateful that you have posted all this information on this website to keep everyone informed and that Dell is at least doing something to help fix Nvidia's issue. If Dell had done nothing about the issue I guarantee you that I would not be considering purchasing another dell in December, albeit a desktop of course.

    Although I am still slightly frustrated that no one informed the customer of this because I have found articles dating back to July 2008 about the bad GPU chips before I purchased my computer! I understand that Dell released another BIOS to resolve the issue but I find it hard to believe that Dell thought that this was any more than a quick fix.

    Honestly, I think that a recall of the GPU would have been best. I am a business major in college so I realize the short-term costs that are associated with recalls are outstanding but I think it would have been better for customer service. In the end though I think the extend warranty is a step in the right direction. Well I'll be anxiously awaiting your response I can't play Starcraft II or watch Southpark on my laptop so I have nothing better to do but study for school, oh well.....

  • The Laptop Dell Latitude D630 IBU Americas,with Service Tag

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> contains an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M.

    I've contacted Dell Technical Support,on 10th October.However I've updated to the latest BIOS,I experience video issues related to GPU.I've problems like intermittent video issues,Lines on the screen,and No Video.I've read about the problem in Dell Community under the link,en.community.dell.com/.../nvidia-gpu-update-nvidia-class-action-lawsuit-and-limited-warranty-enhancement.aspx,written by “Lionel Menchaca”on30thSep.2010.I've bought the laptop in USA,but alright I am in Iran.Please let me know what I should do to solve my problem.

  • H...I just came across this blog.  Thank you for the information.  It's very informative.  I have a Latitude D820.  It has the affected NVIDIA card.  My card started running very hot about 5 months ago.  I always placed the laptop on a stand with slots for ventilation assuming this would help.  I also assumed the heat from the card was normal even though I hadn't noticed it before.  My video card failed last night.  I have contacted Dell Tech Support and they told me that with the one year extension to the warranty for these defective NVIDIA cards, I am now 2 months beyond my expiration date.  I am extremely angry and I cannot get to my critical information on my PC that I need.  My PC is backed up, but I don't own another P to load the backup.  In my corporate existience, my companies have always replaced defective components or service refunds without question.  It really is an issue of ethics and integrity, as well as possibly a legal issue.  Can anyone help me to try to get a better resolution on this?  Thanks in advance.

  • For anyone interested, after a few calls back to Dell (and even NVIDIA), I was able to come to a successful resolution of my failed NVIDIA graphics adapter.  Thanks to the one customer support agent who did a great job to get this done.  Two points...Dell replaced the mother board with a refurbed mother board that has the same NVIDIA adapter.   This confuses me.  I thought these were defective and not to be used.  I called technical support at Dell and the agent told me not to worry.  What?  I guess the new boards must be adapted in some way to handle the bad adapter?  I have no idea.  Anyone know the answer why I would get a board with the same component?  Secondly, the third party installation tech was terrible.  He did not remove the modem from the old board to the new board.  He did not place the board so the wifi catcher switch on the left side was in the button.  And he missed a plastic insert under that switch.  He had to install the mother board twice after we caught these omissions.   I was lucky.  He also had no idea to check the date/time that needed to be set for certificate congruency on many websites.  He tried to use the laptop to log into his company website with no success.  I caught the date/time discrepency after he left.  Anyway....I am up and running fine.  Does anyone know why the same graphics card is being used on the new refurbed board?  Has something been done doifferent this time?  Thanks in advance.

  • Oh...one other thing.  The laptop shut down initially three different times when I went into the BIOS settings.  The fan sped up and you could hear it spinning fast.  The machine then died.  I assume it was getting hot.  I then updated the BIOS and some other drivers,  I did not have the problem again the one time I was in the BIOS settings after that.  It did shut down on me again one time when I ran some video for a while.  My machine is on a well ventilated stand.  Hopefully my fan and heat sink are fine.  So far, this hasn't happened again.  Any thoughts on this intermittent behavior?  I hope the new refurbed mother board is fine.

  • Hi

    My computer  (XPS M1530) is listed as an affected model and experiencing the listed symptoms "intermittent video" and as of 3 days ago "no video)". I contacted customer service this evening about the issue and was told by the representative that he could not help me since it was no longer in warranty (exp 11/23/2009).  Now I'm no math genius but add a year onto that for the enhanced warranty and I am still covered for this issue.

    If you could help me find who I need to contact that has an idea of what is going on and can help me to get this $1300 paperweight fixed I would be forever in your debt.   Thank you

  • I called the NVIDIA Settlement hotline, and was advised my XPS M1530 was not included and doesn not have an NVIDIA chip installed...however, if I go to display adapters I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT.

    When I had vista installed, I had numerous display issues, however, since installing WIndows 7 I have had limited issues...I just want to know if my computer is effected?  I can't get a straight answer from Dell or the Settlement people.


  • Hello,

    I have a Dell Vostro 1710 which contains a Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS GPU and I've problems with random characters, distorted and scrambled video. I reside in Mexico City, Am I entitled to the enhanced warranty?


  • I have an m1330 purchased feb 2008 & my video tanked in July - 5 mos past warranty.  I definitely have an nvidia m8400, but there is no part number listed for it on my system config.  I have tried the part # of the invidia mobo for my system but the lawsuit site does not accept that as verification of my system.  Anyone with an m1330 had any luck finding the right part #?  TIA

  • Lionel. sent you a couple of PMs you can disregard.  After 2 days of digging I was able to bring up my original invoice on the dell site and it had the p/n I needed.  System configuration did not have it.

    Thanks for all your helpful posts.

  • I have a Dell XPS M1530 that appears to be affected by this issue.

    Here is my question --according to the nVidia settlement, I am entitled to a new GPU.  I am not aware that there was ever a new Geforce 8400 mobile GPU (the graphics chip in this system) that did not have the potential to experience the issue.  If I go ahead and process a repair, or a claim, do I just end up with another Geforce 8400 graphics chip that could experience this same issue down the road?  Or do I get a new graphics processor of a different type without the issue?  Or do I get a replacement laptop with a new graphics processor that does not have the potential for this issue?

    I'd like to know that whichever path I take, it will result in a system that does not have the potential to experience the same issue again.

  • I have a D630 with the Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M, shipped in July, 2008.  I am not the original owner, but bought this laptop from the original owner.  My D630 is still under the extended warranty until July 2012 - lucky me.  I guess with the warranty enhancement, my gpu should be covered until July 2013. I have not yet had the symptoms that are mentioned on the nvidiasettlement.com website, but my GPU seems to run at idle around 70C and much hotter under load (95C+).  I don't think it's reasonable to wait for the time-bomb to explode when I know it's only a matter of time before the GPU fries.  I have read about people performing the "Copper Mod" which can bring the temps down about 20C, but it voids the warranty.

    Do I have any options with regard to preventative measure that can be done without voiding my warranty?