NVIDIA GPU Update: Dell to Offer Limited Warranty Enhancement to All Affected Customers Worldwide


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NVIDIA GPU Update: Dell to Offer Limited Warranty Enhancement to All Affected Customers Worldwide

I've said in my past two posts (here's post #1 and here's post #2) and in the comment threads on this topic that I would share more details when I had them. Here's the deal:

Update: 9-30-2010: I just published details regarding the NVIDIA class action settlement. For the latest information, please refer to that post. Below is a paragraph excerpt from it. To centralize the discussion on this topic, I've closed the comments on this thread. Please go to the updated post to comment. Clicking on the image below will also take you to the there. 

Update (April 2009): Apologize for the error. Had to update the links to this post, due to a redirection error. Also, there's a fourth post that outlines what we're doing to work with affected customers. The link for that fourth post about the NVIDIA GPU issue is here.

Dell will offer a 12-month limited warranty enhancement specific to this issue. For all customers worldwide, we plan to add 12 months of coverage for this issue to the existing limited warranty up to 60 months from the date of purchase for the following systems:

Dell Product Name
Dell Precision M2300
Latitude D630
Dell Precision M4300
Dell Precision M65
Latitude D820
Inspiron 1420
Latitude D830
XPS M1330
Latitude D620
XPS M1530<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

Update: Over the last few days, customers like Steve Johnson, John and Robert have asked if their systems are affected. Throughout this process, Dell has undertaken a detailed assessment of this issue.  If your system is not listed in the table above, you do not need to do anything. If you have one of the systems listed above with an NVIDIA graphics card and are experiencing video-related issues I described in the bullet point section of my first post about NVIDIA GPUs, please contact Dell Technical Support.
Details of the service plan will be available in the next few weeks. When I have more details to share, I will do so.
In the meantime, thanks to all of our customers for your patience through this process. We appreciate your business and are committed to serving all of you who are impacted.  

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  • Great! finally something. and what about the vostro 1500 ?? is the warranty covering this model too?

  • I just got my XPS M1330 today. Does that mean my laptop is also affected by this defective GPU? When would you announce the defective laptop serial numbers?

  • Now that's more like it.

    I knew something was in the works, and encouraged others to give you all more time to get a conclusive answer to the issue. I'm glad to see you all are moving in the right direction with this.




  • What about the Vostro 1700 with 8600M GT?  Doesn't that adapter have the same problems?

  • that's it??? .... a measly 12 months

    and what about?....

    1. the fan being on all the time with the noise and decreased battery life.  not to mention the increased wear and tear on the fan and other components.

    2. if the gpu/motherboard needs replacement, is there a defect free gpu available or do we just get a defective one again?  how long will that be warrantied for?  can we swap to intel integrated graphics instead to avoid future issues?

    Dell and Nvidia can certainly do better than this.  C'mon.

    Dan (disappointed but cautiously optimistic)


  • So when the technician guy comes to replace my bad GPU, will the new GPU be a cooler and fixed board or will they still be the same defective boards?  Replacing a defective board with another defective one does not fix the problem.

  • Yes, the big questions become:

    #1 Are they still shipping defective GPU's in new machines

    #2 Will a warranty replacement just be another defective card.

    I believe this has always been the most critical piece of info for the majority of people.


  • I think that the warranty extension is all well and good, but why not just fix the problem?

    Eventually, all of our Dell systems will fail, and the fan noise is horrible, so what will happen when I turn my computer in for repair?

    Will I have to worry about running into the same issue down the road after my warranty replacement?

    We just need to know that part now, thanks.

  • If my mobile nvidia card fails during the warranty period will it be replaced with new one without defects?

  • This stinks. When we got hit with the bad caps issue in the GX270/280 Dell added 2 years to the 3 year complete care for a total of 5. When we would get the replacement board the caps would be completely different. I don't think anyone should except anything short of a complete recall/replacement.

  • @Lionel:

    Thanks for posting this new information.  I still would like to know as the question has gone unanswered,

    IS Dell still shipping newly purchased/configured systems with GPUs suffering from this issue?  EXAMPLE: If I purchase a XPS M1530 with the NVIDIA GPU today, will it contain a GPU that is affected by this issue or will it ship with a GPU that has been recently manufactured and is not affected by the issue?


  • Nice to see Dell learning and sharing this sort of information. But what is Dell doing about the current systems on offer? Will they still be affected by this issue or has Nvidia fixed it?

    I never thought I'd say it. But you might want to consider using ATI more often. I don't think they've resorted to usng substandard components to get a head of the game yet.

  • Will the extra 12 month warranty coverage be given to affected Dell models even when their warranties have recently been expired? Hp is offering 24 months of coverage starting from the original purchase date which is basically another extra year of coverage. Is Dell going to do the same? My warranty for my laptop just ended 3 weeks ago and it seems from your statement above you guys are only adding 12 months of coverage to existing warranties. I'm hoping you guys could have the same limited warranty enhancement service as HP or else this is my last dell.

  • Hey Lionel,

    Thanks for the information :) Good news... Waiting for the details of the warrany extension.

  • Hi Lionel,

    I have recently purchased an xps m1330 which should arrive tomorrow, like many of the bloggers here i am concerned that i will receive a defective computer that will eventually break down - is there going to be a forthcoming announcement regarding affected laptop serial numbers or replacement GPU'S to fix the problems discussed?

    If not, im afraid i will be returning the laptop as soon as i receive it as it will only be a matter of time before it experiences the same fate as so many others here - which isn't right on any level as Dell/Nvidia have had over a year since the launch to rectify these well-known problems. This really is a make or break time for Dell as a failure to appease the many unsatisfied and worried customers will undoubtedly result in further PR disaster and potential financial ruin for your once great company.


    Will Opie