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User Rights with Nested Group Membership

The Out of Box  "User Rights" report doesn't show any group memberships and attributes for Domain or Local Users.

This Custom Query has been created to show the nested group memberships in the User Rights report.

You will need to run the SQL queries inside the "SQL_To_Execute.txt" file before importing the custom report. Make sure to backup your database.

Steps to import this report is as follows:

  1. Save the attached xrd file on to your computer.
  2. Open Report Manager.
  3. Go to My Reports.
  4. Click on Import and browse to the location where you saved the .xrd file.
  5. Click on Open, that should import the report.

Please note that we only support * for the wild card for this report.

Version: ER 2.5.1 HF 3



  • User Rights with Nested Group Membership

    Hello Aarti,

    Thanks for the report. We were able to run the "SQL queries inside the "SQL_To_Execute.txt" and imported the custom report with no issue.

    The problem is that the "Custom Report" continue to run and run with no end time. I tested it on 3 servers and  1 server and the same issue.  I also tested other reports like the "Local User Group Member Report" and that ran with no issue, but I am unable to get this "Custom Report" to run to completion.

    Please call me at  763-321-2043 |E-mail: so we can resolve this. I have over 500 Servers to collect data from  for Audit requirement that is coming due very soon.  We spoke to “Randy Armstrong” and he said he would notify your team to expedite the resolution of this issue.  Please reach out to me at soon as you can.

  • User Rights with Nested Group Membership

    Hello Aarti,

    Have you had a chance to  look at this? It is very URGENT for us.