Report Title: Custom Domain Users Report
Report Description: Shows users in the selected domains who don't have Smart Card Login enforced and their password is not set to never expires.
Report Category: Active Directory

Version: 2.0.1

Customization Details:

How to create a report that will return list of user objects similar to the following LDAP query:


*Collecting the data using Configuration Manager:

1. Launch the Configuration Manager console
2. Extend the "extensionAttribute2" attribute using the "Extend Enterprise Reporter Attributes" dialog (Click on Configuration (under Discovery Management section) - > Manage attributes collected by Enterprise Reporter - > Click "Extend" for Active Directory).
3. Create an Active Directory discovery against the domain that you want to report on

*Creating the Report in Report Manager:

1. Launch Report Manager
2. Right click on “My Reports” and select “Create Report…”. You can also edit an existing AD user report.
3. Type in the report name, author and description
4. Click on the fields tab and select "Users" (Active Directory -> Users)
5. Add the following fields:

SAM Account Name, Display Name, ms-Exch-Extension-Attribute-2(extended), Smart Card Required, Password Never Expires

6. Click on the Parameters tab and add the following parameters:

Parameter: SAM Account Name
Operator: Does not start with
Value: SA

Parameter: Display Name
Operator: Does not start with
Value: SystemMailbox

Parameter: Smart Card Required
Operator: Equal
Value: No

Parameter: Password Never Expires
Operator: Equal
Value: No

Parameter: ms-Exch-Extension-Attribute-2(extended)
Operator: Has a value
Value: No

7. Click on the “Layout” tab and create the layout using the layout designer (This will be similar to the existing "Domain Users with Recent Logons" report layout").

NOTE: Moved here from the main Enterprise Reporter Media Gallery.  Originally posted on June 18, 2014.