Existing Domain Users Report has been customized to add grouping by Department

Following steps has been taken to customize existing Domain Users report:

  1. Copy “Domain Users with Recent Logons” report under “ My Reports”
  2. Click on Edit Report
  3. Change the name and description of the report as you like. In this case, I renamed it to “Domain Users Grouped By Department” and updated the description to “Shows users in the selected domains grouped by department.”
  4. Go to Fields Tab and add following fields to the reports – “Full Name”, “Department” and remove “Number of Logons”.
  5. In the selected fields, apply sorting Ascending for Department and Full Name. Click Ok
  6. Go to Parameters. You can leave as it is or you can customize this as well.
  7. Go to Layout and click Edit.
  8. In the report layout, add one more group header to apply Grouping on “Department” and in the detail header adjust the fields you would like to see in your report.
  9. Click ok.