Report Title: File and Folders with Empty Groups Permissioned
Report Description: Shows all of the files and folders where empty groups are permissioned for the selected computers and paths
Report Category: NTFS

 Enterprise Reporter Version:  2.0

Customization Details:  The "Folder Permissions with Membership" & "File Permissions with Membership" reports have been combined and customized to display empty groups permissioned on both files and folders

 How did we do this? 

  1. Copy the “Folder Permissions with Membership" report into the “My Reports” container. The report can be found in Report Library | NTFS | Permissions
  2. Click on “Edit report"
  3. Change the Report Name and Report Description
  4. Click on the "Fields" tab
  5. From the list of Available Fields, select "Type of Account (Account)", "Account Scope (Account)" and click Add
  6. From the list of Available Fields, select "Member Account ID (Account Member)" and click Add | Count
  7. Click on the “Parameters” tab
  8. Remove the parameter "Is Folder (NTFS)", if you would like to display both Files and Folders into one report
  9. Add the following parameters:
    Parameter Type: Hidden
    Parameter: Type of Account (Account)
    Operator: Equals
    Default Value: Group

    Parameter Type: Hidden
    Parameter: Account Scope (Account)
    Operator: Not Equals
    Default Value: Well Known
    [This is to ignore in-built groups e.g. CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM etc. ]

    Parameter Type: Hidden
    Parameter: Count of Member Account ID (Account Member)
    Operator: Equals
    Default Value: 0

  10.  Click on the "Layout tab" and edit the layout to change the Report Name and Report Description accordingl

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