Report Title: CIMV2.OperatingSystem (WMI)
Report Description: Shows the available OS information for the selected computers.
Report Category: Computer

Version: 2.0

Customization Details: In order to report on WMI classes, you need to extend the class that you need. For this report, you need to extend Win32_OperatingSystem WMI class which will create a new report type called “_CIMV2_Win32_OperatingSystem” that can be used for the report creation. Once this is done, run the Computer discovery with “Extend WMI Entities” option checked to collect the required information.

To extend the WMI class:
1. Launch the Configuration Manager
2. Click on “Configuration”  (Discovery Management section)
3. Click on “Manage attributes collected by Enterprise Reporter”
4. Click on “Extend” for WMI
5. Add the CIMV2 -> Win32_OperatingSystem class

To create the new report:
1. Launch the Report Manager
2. Right click on “My Reports” and select “Create Report…”
3. Type in the report name, author and description
4. Click on the “Fields” tab
5. Select the report type (“_CIMV2_Win32_OperatingSystem”)
6. Add the fields that you want to show in your report including the “Server Type” to be able to filter on Domain Controllers or other types of servers.
7. Click on the “Parameter” tab and add the following parameter
     Parameter: Server Type (Physical Computer)
     Operator: Contains
     Value: Check “Domain Controller” and other type of servers that you want to filter on
8. Click on the “Layout” tab and create the layout using the layout designer or the auto generate layout option.

NOTE: Originally created on: Jan 21, 2014 9:35 PM by Angela Freeman - Last Modified:  Jan 26, 2014 9:22 AM by SAMER ELKHATIB