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Custom Report Request - Computer Service and Disk Info

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Custom Report Request - Computer Service and Disk Info

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We have a legacy reporter giving us this report today.  We would like to generate this report in Enterprise Reporter v2.5.1.3000.

Here are the fields required:

  • Domain
  • Computer Name
  • Enforce password history
  • Maximum Password Age
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements
  • Account Lockout Threshold
  • Reset Account Lockout Counter After
  • Service Display Name (Where Service name contains %Product%)
  • Service Current State
  • Disk Drive Letter (Local Hard Disks Only)
  • Disk File System

Here is a sample of the legacy report....

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  • Hi,

    One of our senior developers is reviewing this request and will be responding as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    Val :)

  • Hi there,

    Requested Custom Report has been posted at the following location:

    Please follow the instructions posted and let me know how it goes.



  • Aarti,

    This report looks very close, but there are a few fields which are still missing.  Could you please add the following fields...

    • Account Lockout Duration (# of Minutes)
    • Minimum Password Age (changed after x days)
    • Service Current State

  • Also, here is an example of the output currently, with the fields missing.

  • Hey there,

    About 2 new fields, I have added Account LockOut Duration as well as Min Password Age (Days) to the report. Latest report can be downloaded from the following link:

    About the Services and their States, there's a parameter in this report on Services Display Name which by default searches for Services with "Product" in the service display name. There's a possibility the computer information you specified in the screenshot doesn't have any services contains Product in the display name.

    I ran the same report using "app" as parameter value for "Include the Services Contains" and that's how my report looks:

    Try running this report with the same parameter value as I specified above and see how that looks. Let me know.



  • Aarti, This is looking great!  One final thing that needs added is so that only disks where DriveType = "3" which is fixed disk are shown.  Could you join this table in and only display these disks please?

    Here is another query which we have today which does this, but i am having an issue getting the inner join to work with the query in your report...

    SELECT [tblComputer].[DomainName] as [Domain (Computer)], [tblComputer].[ComputerName] as [Computer Name (Computer)], [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[__RELPATH] as [__RELPATH (Win32_Volume)], [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[DriveLetter] as [DriveLetter (Win32_Volume)], [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[FileSystem] as [FileSystem (Win32_Volume)], [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[DriveType] as [DriveType (Win32_Volume)]
    [tblComputerPhysical] base
    INNER JOIN [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume] tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume
    ON ([base].[PhysicalComputerID] = [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[PhysicalComputerID] AND ([tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[LDM_TOMBSTONED] = 0 OR [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[LDM_TOMBSTONED] IS NULL))
    LEFT OUTER JOIN [tblComputer] tblComputer
    ON ([base].[ComputerID] = [tblComputer].[ComputerID] AND ([tblComputer].[LDM_TOMBSTONED] = 0 OR [tblComputer].[LDM_TOMBSTONED] IS NULL))
    WHERE (([tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[DriveLetter] IS NOT NULL AND [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[DriveLetter] != N'') AND [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[DriveType] = 3 AND (base.LDM_TOMBSTONED = 0 OR base.LDM_TOMBSTONED IS NULL))
    ORDER BY [tblComputer].[DomainName] ASC, [tblComputer].[ComputerName] ASC, [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume].[__RELPATH] ASC

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    I looked into this query you are using and tried to join this with the query I had in the report I provided to you and seems I won't be able to join these 2 queries together.

    The table [tblEXT__cimv2_Win32_Volume] with extended attributes has both "Physical Computer ID" and "Volume ID" and other table [tblComputerVolume] which I was using in my query has the same columns but values for column "Volume ID" is different in both the tables.

    The alternative solution is that I can modify the report I provided to you earlier and I can use your Query based on WMI Extension and I would also be able to put in the parameter on Drive Type.

    Let me know if this is something that would help.



  • Aarti,

    As long as the report has the information necessary, this solution sounds feasible.  If there are no other options with this report, its safe to attempt changing the query.

    In addition, I noticed that we are no longer able to select the computers to be driven by an OU.  Can the query be changed to support this also?  In summary, it would support either a static list of computers or a target OU.