I am seeing some unusual things with my E6400. #1 The computer is set up with a 350Gig SATA Hard drive had 4gig of Ram, OS is Windows 7 Pro. I was running Windows XP in Virtual mode with a program that did not require internet access so I had never gone on line with the Virtual XP. The Windows 7 pro was set up to go on line with Explorer 11 running Bing as my start page. It was also set up with each Windows system able to print to my local printer. I was traveling, in Canada went on line one time with no problem shut down normally, The next time I tried to start up I had no Video, and the unit would not stay running. I tried to restart to the BIOS screen but still had no Video.. When I got back to the US. I tried these few things. I trued to send the Video to another monitor with no result. Took out the memory started up but no beeps... put memory back Disconnected power and removed battery for about 30 minutes.. still nothing.. Next weekend I striped the computer down to the motherboard... pulled the processor (Intel P8700) and looked for blown capacitors or any damage I could see.. the only thing I saw was what looked like overheating on the Graphic card bubbles in the plastic? I then put conductive past back on the processor and reinstalled it and put it all back together When I started it back up It now had Video but would not open to Windows even though it had the same hard drive. I had lost the operating system or it was not being recognized. The other funny thing was it was now only seeing 2gig of memory in the BIOS and the BIOS was showing no RAM in slot B. I replaced the memory with two 4gig RAM memory chips and now the BIOS showed the slots were filled but it was only seeing 4 of the 8gig installed. I have re installed the Windows 7 Pro OS and did all the updates including Serves pack 1 installed Explorer and Bing, and am now on the Dell Product support site Running the Dell Diagnostics but it has been running over I hour and has not gotten past the Installing My Dell client... I also want to say that I did the Dell on board Memory and Hard drive test and that all tested Good... I think that I have a bad mother board? anyone have any other tests that I can run or is there anything else that I can do at this point to prove if I'm right about the mother board?