Although the subject line infers that I am new with computers, I am actually quite proficient working and repairing PCs.  This is the first and last Dell I will ever own.  That being said, I have had some issues that have taken much too long to find the root cause.  As I think it is time to upgrade to Vista SP2, I have a few questions reguarding drivers and updates as when Vista pushed SP1, my whole system crashed and more.  No help from the nice tech. After several months of my Inspiron 530 making a nice conversation piece, I happened to stumble up a Microsoft article regarding problems with certain dirvers when upgrading to SP1.  I wish to avoid the same problem and so am updating all my drivers.  However, I have a small problem; Dell "Advises" I install Desktop System Software (DSS).  One problem, I can't locate it, would appreciate any assistance possible.  Thank you!