You're losing my business soon.

 It's not because Dell's customer service has gone from A1 to abysmal.

It's not because Dell "repaired" my son's laptop twice, replacing the lcd with defective units both times. (The third one is bad, too, but the machine is freshly out of warranty).

It's not because I called for fee service on this laptop, and got Pakistan(the automated transfer later hung up on me).

It's because you charged me $151.00 more than you were supposed to in June, refunded $300.00, and then billed me $300.00, for a total of a $151.00 overbilling. That's right - INCOMPETENCE.

I couldn't get your "support" person to help me, he couldn't understand the problem. New Math, I guess.

I can't get an American, no matter what I try.

I CAN, however, choose not to buy your product.