I recently purchased a refurbished Latitude D830.  It worked great for a day or two then the screen began to shimmer, and become blurry, (icons, words, etc.).  I did the troubleshooting thing and at times the problem went away only to reappear later.  I contacted Dell and spoke with Tech Support, he accessed my laptop, downloaded an update on video driver.  Naturally had to reboot, screen cleared up, however next day same old problem.  There are times when screen looks great for an hour or more than starts to shimmer, and sometimes it doesn't.  Very erratic.  I connected my screen from desktop and did not have that problem although laptop scrren continued to shimmer.  I did not purchase on site repair, so it would have to be returned to Dell which I don't really want to do as we are leaving for Florida shortly and will need laptop. 


Anyone else have similiar problems.