A lot of times salespeople get carried away when they’re asked to give a 5-10 second elevator pitch of their companies strengths and value they can bring to the table. Most times they get in the elevator to give the pitch and get so caught up in talking about their products, that they have to press the stop button on the elevator. Of course, the alarm sounds not only in the elevator but also in the mind of the customer/prospect as they were just looking for something short and sweet.

To combat this issue, try using the template below to ensure that your elevator pitch is short and impactful.

Based upon our knowledge/experience in (doing what, generally), we have the ability to (contribute what, specifically), resulting in (type of business improvement).

Here’s an example from a salesperson who developed an elevator pitch for Dell blade servers.

Mr. customer/prospect, I understand your concerns about containing the cost of power and cooling in your data center. Based on our 20 years’ experience working with small and medium-sized businesses to help them reduce IT costs, we have the ability to provide a custom Dell blades solution resulting in a 12% or more decrease in power & cooling costs. And because of the ease of deployment and maintenance, the solution will also free you up to do the kinds of strategic level projects that will help you grow the company’s bottom line.