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DELL XPS 10 Tablet

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DELL XPS 10 Tablet

  • Does this tablet have WINDOWS 8 RT or PRO version, please? Also, how many simultaneous applications can this tablet run at the same time, please?

    Lastly, does this tablet come pre-loaded with MS Office 2013 (If yes, what does this version include in terms of apps and functionalities and limitations, please?)

    Thank you!

    Eddie Merc



  • As far as I know the base config has Win RT.  It comes with MS Home and Student 2013 RT.  Some of the specs for that program can be found on the site here (click on find out more under the "Work or Play" section).

    More info on Win RT can be found here.  From what I've found, 2 applications can run simultaneously, but I think there's a better answer, I'll keep checking on that.