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Dell laptop keyboards

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Dell laptop keyboards

  • Aloha,

    Are all DELL laptop keyboards spill-resistant? If not all, what models of DELL laptops have these types of protective keyboards (spill-resistant) please?

    Thank you!

    Eddie M.

    Pearl Harbor

  • Dell sells a number of spill-resistant keyboards on the website here.  As far as specific laptops, some of the Vostros are, and I know the rugged Latitudes are.  However, I'm not sure you sell those at the exchange.  I do also know that there are a number of companies who make protective covers for laptop keyboards, I found some here.  

    We don't have a matrix that lists all of the laptops that are considered spill resistant, so instead I'm asking around.  If I hear of any specific ones I'll post back in this thread.



  • Thank you Emily!