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Dell XPS 12 hinge

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Dell XPS 12 hinge

  • Is the DELL XPS 12 hinge made out of plastic or aluminum or something else? Is it robust not to break? Also, is the display made out of gorilla glass 2.0 version?

    Eddie M.

    Pearl Harbor

  • Hi Eddie,

    The frame is an aluminum panel frame, I've played with it a little and in my opinion it's more sturdy than the Duo (which was plastic).  

    The glass on the XPS 12 is called gorilla glass by us, and Corning Ware (makers of gorilla glass) say that anything put out after Jan 2012 used the next version, so I would guess that means it's gorilla glass 2.0, but I'm still checking to make 100% on that, Dell does not specifically call it out as 2.0, but I'll do some more digging for you.



  • Thank you for the information, Emily! Appreciated!