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Aluminum or Magnesium?!?

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Aluminum or Magnesium?!?

  • Which laptop material is better? (Customers often ask...)

    Aluminum or Magnesium??

    Eddie from NEX PEARL HARBOR

    Aloha from Hawai'i, USA

  • Hey Eddie,

    One is not really "better" than the other. They're different, and used for different purposes.  I asked one of my colleagues, and here's what Stephen had to say:

    Magnesium pros

    • Easier to shape
    • Dissipates heat more rapidly, which leads to a cooler external chassis
    • Aesthetics (matte finish)

    Aluminum pros

    • Conducts heat better, which pulls it away from the internal components, which leads to a cooler internal system and less overheating
    • Sturdier than magnesium, which leads to less external damage
    • Aesthetics (brushed aluminum)
    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks so much, Emily!

    You are always very helpful!

    Eddie from Hawaii