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Help International Support - Dell Brazil does not return my calls!

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Help International Support - Dell Brazil does not return my calls!

This question has been answered by Bruno de Mauro

Good evening. After 11 months of purchase, my laptop had a defective monitor, the image was all pink.

On 30/08/2011 assionei technical assistance from Dell, which made the online tests and found that the lcd had to be replaced.

Dell sent me a mail code for sending and receiving the notebook, I send the notebook in the mail within 20 days they let me return.

To save time, I went to St. Paul (I'm Atibaia / SP) Dell for technical assistance, located in the Barrio del Socorro (Socorro Near the station), handed the notebook, the company received a document that contained the withdrawal of equipment authorization on 05/09/2011. Informed him that he could not withdraw and wait for sending via mail. Well, the notebook being posted 06/09/2011 or 05 days my notebook would come around day 13 or at most 16/09/2011, put our dear mail went on strike on 9/14/2011.

13/09/2011 Day I called Dell to see the notebook, they reported that he had been posted and was to be delivered, I requested the tracking number the clerk warned that I would find the number and return (no return of First Contact Dell)

16/09/2011 Day I called Dell to find out my notebook, they informed me that notebook, had been sent to the Mail, however, was returned to service as the Post reported that strike. Also on 16.9.2011, since the notebook was in attendance and on 20 and 21/09/2011 I would be at an event near Socorro neighborhood in Sao Paulo, could then draw on your notebook.

The attendant was returning to tell if I could remove the equipment or whether it was in the power of the carrier. (Second time did not return)

On 23/09/2011 I sent a tweet to @ DellnoBrasil asking my notebook, they asked for my phone and answer code (As I called the DELL support SERVICE does not generate code!) Provided the tag number of the equipment, known as TAG. (Third time that Dell did not return) On 26/09/2011 at about 9:30 a.m. I called again at Dell, spoke to an attendant with his superior called "Adalgizio," promised that I would return, since he was now talking to a top of Dell. (FOURTH time I have NO RETURN!)

On 27/06/2011 21h50 are, I just send a new Tweet to the @ DellnoBrasil. Dell Well, that's a failure, 04 were made contact with you, does not receive any return phone! I am unaware of my notebook! You would not let me remove it and also did not send! Unfortunately I use this channel to see if I get at least one call from you.

Today is 29/09/2010 and I'm whating the Dell Calling me. Thx for nothing

Lojack hired the service and just received an email saying that my notebook will be blocked, because from the day 31/08/2011 he makes contact with the center.

THANK YOU DELL! For more than a headache!!

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  • Sorry you are having problems.  But, this is a users helping users forum, we are not Dell employees.  Also, you have posted a Laptop issue on the Desktop section of the forum.

    I am not a Dell Employee

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  • Thank iam sent to support section.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for contacting us! I'm very sorry to hear that you're having problems with your laptop.  I've contacted the support team to get you some help with your laptop. 

    However, just to let you know, this is not a support forum.  We are here to help retail sales associates with Dell products that they sell.  In the future you are more than welcome to contact the support team at: 

    But again, thank you for contacting us, and we look forward to helping you.