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Alienware X51 future designs?

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Alienware X51 future designs?

  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to send feedback to engineering team :)

    Anyways I found an article recently on page:

    That features most of the mini form factor gaming systems available in the market. I was dissapointed when I couldn't found the Alienware X51 beign a great system in a budget price that actually is only offered with Geforce GTX Video Cards. then I realized that our system is the one using the lowest PW supply from the bunch (most mini systems use a 450w Pw supply as a minimum) and ours use a 350 W AC Adapter.

    Do you think our engineering team is considering a re-design to include a more powerful PW supply? The newest line of Alienware laptops is awesome and I would love to see some attention on the X51 as well. :)

    Our customers are already modding the chassis to fit more powerful components but certainly they can't bypass the power limitation.


  • HI Jose,

    Thanks for the heads up.  I'll pass this along to the right people.