By Andressa Nozue, Instructional Multimedia Designer

As a remote worker, I can work from anywhere that offers a table and a good internet connection (and a chocolate cappuccino). And in these days of mobile-friendly cloud computing and Wi-Fi everywhere, I find myself using my tablet and Ultrabook much more than any of my other computers.

My first contact with Windows Mobile was nearly two years ago (version 6.5), while testing a Dell Venue. Fluid, intuitive, elegant and simple… I thought that it had potential to become the very best mobile OS on the market. I also really wanted to see it installed on a tablet. The platform needed to mature a bit, of course, and would have required better hardware than what was available then. But two years later: the Latitude 10 is that hardware.

Versatile and tough, but light and fast, the Latitude 10 is my choice when it comes to Windows tablets. It has the perfect combination of hardware and software, and all of the information stored on the tablet is easily transferable to any of my other computers. In a corporate environment, this is a great advantage for those who, like me, work away from the office but still need to share information and creative materials with colleagues.

Something else that I really love about Latitude 10 is the accessories, especially the keyboard dock. It’s optional, but worth every penny if you’ll be typing long documents. It is a very practical accessory with an awesome design, which makes it a perfect match to the Latitude 10.