By Andressa Nozue

An Instructional Designer for the Global Commercial Sales Training Team

I don’t know what’s up with designers, bicycles, and vegetarian food – but it seems like these three things are quite often found together, wherever you go.

I myself am a Designer. And a vegetarian. And (as a non-exception to the rule) I also love fixed-gear bicycles.

Why “fixies?” Basically because you get to put them together yourself…and the end result is usually an amazingly fast and beautiful bicycle. (Hey, I get paid to make everything more “visually enjoyable” – so you can’t blame me for caring about looks. It’s a requirement for the job!)

In my profession, laptops with very good tech specs are more of a need than a luxury. Unfortunately, performance laptops are often big, bulky and...well, ugly. Maybe that’s why, on the 9th Day, God created stickers…so that you can “decorate” your laptop with dozens of them. (Dogs, bicycles, computers, and noise-canceling headphones were created on the 8th Day. Obviously.)

I design and develop training for Dell products, and when the briefing documents for the latest XPS laptops first arrived in my mailbox, my immediate response was, “Wow! I want one of those!” Awesome tech specs, purposeful choice of materials, impeccable finishing and amazing looks. All in one package…one beautiful package.

The XPS family has performance and style for all kinds of needs:

  • 13-inch (in a similar 11-inch form factor) for those who prioritize mobility
  • 14-inch with really long-lasting battery life
  • 15-inch with generous screen space

It was hard to decide, but I have already chosen mine.

And there will be no stickers on it. Ever.