By Glauco Guimaraes, 

An instructional Designer on the Global Commercial Sales Training and Development Team

When the power went out at my house the other day, I put my Dell XPS in my backpack and pedaled to a nearby bakery. They have free Wi-Fi, and I figured they’d probably have power too, so I could continue my work – and eat – while waiting for the power to come back on at my house.

After I sat down and started working, the owner of the bakery approached my table and said, "I have a Dell too, – bought it a few days ago! A Vostro 3460. "

Even though I’ve been a customer for long time, this was the first time I’d never talked to him. I wasn’t even sure if he knew that I work for Dell. Sheepishly, I asked, "Do you like it?"

He said, "Yes, a lot! It has everything that my bakery needs in a computer. I used to have a desktop inside the bakery, so I could only make payments inside.

 But when I saw the Vostro’s security features –like fingerprint reading and encrypted files – I decided to buy one. Now I can carry most of my data wherever I go, and it’s encrypted so I don’t have to worry about security.

“When I get home in the evening, my son loves to use it too. It’s powerful and runs his PC games better than our other computer. My wife also uses it to makes our bakery orders for the next day.

“The other day we left town to visit my cousin, and during    the visit we got a work-related phone call, for some special food orders. Without my Vostro, I would have had to call the bakery and give passwords to an employee to make payments and releases. That would be inconvenient and unsafe. But because I had the Vostro with me, I was able to do it all – safely – while visiting with my cousin. Plus, the Bluetooth connection lets me work way from the bakery, and the battery lasts a long time.

“Our productivity has gone up, I keep better track of everything involving the bakery, and I interact more with our customers. The only downside is that I have to share the PC with my family – but since we are more productive now, we should easily be able to buy another laptop for our family."

When my lunch was ready, he brought it over and spoke to me like a friend. "Here's your lunch, enjoy!”

A few hours later, after I finished my work and paid the bill, the owner came back to talk to me. He shook my hand and said, smiling, "Keep coming back!" That day, there were two very satisfied customers: me and the bakery owner. I will definitely be going there more often.