By: Jonathan Kersten

Instructional Designer for Global Commercial Sales Training


I bring new products home from work all the time. One of the perks of my job is to test out demo units while I’m creating product training.

My wife will usually make some monosyllabic sound (“hmm”) and otherwise pay no attention to it…you know that whole adage of seeing one is seeing them all? But when I took the XPS 13 out of my bag, I got an unusual response. Her eyes perked up, and I could tell she was interested.

If my wife is interested in a computer, I know Dell did something extraordinary.

I really don’t know why I was surprised at my wife’s reaction. The XPS 13 is a phenomenal device. It’s sleek. It’s well-crafted.

The XPS 13 is a sleek, sophisicated machine

 It has the power and performance of a high-end laptop and isn’t much larger or heavier than a tablet. In short, it’s worth noticing.

The first thing struck me was how good it looks. The display back is machined from a single piece of solid aluminum. The base is made of carbon fiber. These touches add to the luxurious feel that just doesn’t exist on mid-range laptops. And it’s more than just exterior materials. The display is 13.3-inches with edge-to-edge glass. The keyboard is full size and backlit.

The XPS 13 features a chiclet backlit keyboard

 All of this fits into a smaller form factor, like an 11-inch laptop. Impressive, right?

After marveling at the XPS 13’s design, I was ready to see how she handled. It booted up ridiculously fast – only 8 seconds! And I spent some time browsing the web, checking email, etc.

I’d been on it for maybe 10 minutes before my wife took it from me. Smiling, she assured me that she only needed to check a couple of things online. Two hours later, I asked her – a little bit annoyed, I admit – when she would be done, and she said she would give it back as soon the battery got low. Eight hours later she handed it back to me, and believe it or not, it still had a charge! Even better, after running all that time, it wasn’t radiating heat like my work laptop. Sold!

In my opinion, the XPS 13 is best laptop that Dell has produced—ever!

The XPS 13 is razor-thin--only .71 inches at its thickest point

True, it may not be able to perform the same as an Alienware with MMO games, or offer the largest screen size possible. So what? You will hardly notice that, let alone care. If you are like me, you will feel a connection with this computer the second you pick it up.

The question isn’t whether I am going to buy one. The question is: do I buy two, so my wife doesn’t keep taking mine?