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By: Liam P. Byrne

An Instructional Designer for the CSMB Sales Training and Development team

Hi everyone, Liam here, and I have been working at Dell well forever. I always get asked by friends and family about new Dell products. They want to know what’s the best system to buy, which will get me onto the internet quickest and they want a system that does everything for me so which one should they buy!

Currently the system I am recommending to everyone is the Dell XPS 14z. It’s a great looking system but that’s only the beginning of its benefits.

Here is a list of features (keeping it short and sweet) that I really like about the XPS 14z:



-        It comes with 2nd-generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors, which mean it’s going to be quick.

-        The screen is really clear and crisp. It is a HD WLED display which is great for watching movies and videos.

-        It can hold up to 8GB of memory which is more than enough for everyday computing.

-        The slot load optical drive looks really neat and tidy.

-        The backlight for the keyboard is a lovely touch; it looks really cool in the dark.

And software, let me tell you about the software:

Dell stage allows you to access all your content quick and easily.

-        Sync Up allows you to sync photos, music and media to all your devices easily anytime anywhere.



So that is the list of features I really like now let’s talk about looks. This system sure is a looker. Everything about its look and feel oozes class and sophistication. First of all the XPS 14z is incredible thin & super portable so it’s easy to carry if you are on the move. You can look at the chassis and you know a lot of time and effort went into the design of the XPS14z. It is made with an Aluminium and mag alloy which looks fantastic. And last but definitely not least is how they have managed to fit a 14-inch screen into a 13-inch form factor…………it’s amazing.

So this is why I am recommending the XPS 14z to my friends and family, its packs a punch they will need and it looks so amazing.

  • Nice blog Liam. I'm attracted to the 14" form factor as netbooks are just not big enough, but 14" is perfect. And this is powerful too. I'm going to see if I can get a close look at one in a local retailer here. Thanks!