By Jonathan Kersten,

an instructional designer for our CSMB Sales Training and Development Team


In my last blog, I told you how my brother asked me to help him pick out a new laptop. Easy enough, right? I make a recommendation based on how the features of each laptop match to my brother’s usage. I told him which laptop I would buy and why, and he went off and did some of his own research.

I talked to my brother recently and found out the verdict. In the end he decided on the XPS 15. It made the most sense. He dabbles in everything, so he chose the laptop that met all needs without costing him an arm and a leg.

That’s not to say that the Inspiron 15R and Alienware M14x didn’t meet his needs. In the end, it was the design of the XPS 15 that was the clincher. When I make a purchase, I look at how I can deck out this laptop. Cue the lights and soundtrack music: Core i7, NVIDIA graphics, Blu-ray™. For my brother it came down to design. Really? That would be about 15th on the list for me.

“Oh,” I said, “it must be the cool brushed aluminum finish, right?”


“The sturdy, solid build?” I ask.


He liked the hinge-forward design! Wha? He flipped the system around and showed me what he meant. The power, Ethernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are all at back of the laptop. Instead of having a spider web of cables jutting out from all sides of the laptop, everything is plugged in neatly to the back of the system. This way, when the laptop is sitting on his desk, everything is nice and tidy.

XPS 15He also appreciated that the XPS 15 has an HD webcam. He takes his laptop with him on business trips and chats with my nephews. I told him that all webcams and chat software can do that.  An HD webcam allows him to chat in full screen and have a clear image. So good, in fact, that XPS laptops were the first to be Skype™ certified. He was sold.

I wondered, “Why did you ask for my help in picking a laptop if you know so much?” He never mentioned the processing power, robust memory, hard drive options or the graphics performance the XPS 15 offers. But then ALL XPS laptops feature great technology. I’m just surprised that is was the design features that ultimately sold my brother. He is so not like me.